Citrine by Hayley Kiyoko 🤔 EP Review


Written by Tia

Hayley Kiyoko, singer of the popular, poppy, queer anthem, "Girls Like Girls," has come out with an EP fully dedicated to the wonderful world of "gal pals" (and by that I mean, of course, girls who love girls). If anyone can do these songs right, it's Kiyoko, but Citrine doesn't deliver in the way This Side of Paradise did with its unique, thunderous, sweeping sound. It's an EP for fans craving more lyrics about girls in love and that's a really cool thing, but the music is only a lovely echo of Kiyoko's previous work—and not one that surpasses its originals.

TiMER 🙃 Movie Review


Written by Tia

It's the concept you've probably noticed once or twice on Tumblr and, if you read fanfiction, it's one you've seen repeatedly (or so I hear). The idea of TiMER (dir. Jac Schaeffer) is that people have the option to have a—who would've guessed it—timer essentially nailed into their wrist, telling them the exact countdown to the day they meet their soulmate. Once they've reached zero, the two people need only look into each others eyes, and an alarm will go off, signaling that they've found one another. It's a silly, fun concept with a lot of potential, but this movie doesn't go the Eternal Sunshine route, turning into something intelligent and emotional—it stays light, tries to do a lot, and succeeds rarely.

Hadestown 😎 Album(s) Review

Written by Thelonia

A concept album turned musical turns the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice into a folksy-blues with a Donald Trump Hades, Flower Child Persephone, Used Car Salesman Hermes, and Hipsters Orpheus & Eurydice.

The Cherry Orchard 😔 Theatre Review

Written by Thelonia

A bunch of Russian Aristocrats are on the brink of destruction, and though their Cherry Orchard may be their salvation, they are too stuck in their ways to move with the times and adapt to the new social hierarchy, which no longer protects them at all costs. Though the Roundabout Theatre's production hints at an Americanized version of the Chekhov classic, this adaptation tries to play both fields in terms of tradition and innovation, and ends up a confusing jumble of times, places, and people, ultimately loosing the human pathos of the original play in its attempts to modernize.

Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween 👌

Written by Thelonia

October is the one month when it becomes socially acceptable to watch as many horror movies as you can physically take. I however, am one of those people that watches horror movies the entire year round (there is a reason I wrote my thesis in college about werewolves after all). In honor of the month horror movies, here's a list of some great horror movies I recommend!

BoJack Horseman ☺ TV Show Review


Written by Tia

BoJack Horseman is a dark comedy first, and a tragedy second. Going into the show with no knowledge other than a screencap, you can expect lots of laughs because—duh—it's about a cartoon horse that used to be the star of a beloved '90s sitcom called Horsin' Around. Half the characters are non-human animals, and half the jokes are based on that fact.

But BoJack is not a show to be underestimated, skipped, or ignored, whether it's the animated part that turns you off, or the anthropomorphic animal world that gives you the anti-furry willies. This show is too clever, too unexpected, too quippy, too brilliant to not suck in even the most resistant of viewers.

Contacting the Dead at the Merchant's House Museum ✌

Written by Thelonia

I may have started the night off by accidentally breaking into the museum. Hope the ghosts didn't mind.

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