All in Good Storytime 📚 Episode 11

All in Good Storytime is an interactive, bookish, book club podcast hosted by Alanna, Katya, and Tia. To join the club, make sure you're following us on Twitter to get updates on what book we're reading and to what chapter we are reading through (or what anime we're watching and what episode we are watching through), and listen to the podcast here or on iTunes (see link below) to join in on the discussion. And don't forget to read along!

In the 11th episode of All in Good Storytime, we continue reading chapters 9-18 of Authority, the sequel to Annihilation. We make further predictions about the identity of the Voice, this time investigating the Psychologist, Whitby, and Control's grandpa. We discuss the big reveal of Control's shameful past mistake, which cost an innocent woman her life, analyze the footage from the first expedition, and question whether or not Control is really the biologist's husband in disguise. Finally, we suggest that Whitby may be growing a plant from Area X inside of his body.

Next week we will be reading from the section labeled "Hauntings" through the end of Authority by Jeff VanderMeer, finishing up the book.

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Emma in the Night 😥 Book Review


Written by Thelonia

Three years ago, teenage sisters Emma and Cass went missing. Now, Cass has returned to her childhood home – and the story she’s telling about where she and Emma have been is one filled with intrigue and salacious details – but how much of it is true?

No Improvement Podcast 👯 Episode 24

No Improvement is a sort-of-funny talk show that explores the vast, untapped potential of TV shows, books, films, and more. Quill & Slate blog runners Thelonia and Tia review—and then reimagine—the stories you know and love until you can barely recognize them anymore. Hopefully in a good way. And if not, well, we hope you are still entertained.

In the 24th episode of No Improvement, we take a look at the sixth episode of Hulu's The Handmaid's Tale (check out the book as well and our podcast on that) and talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, how we would improve it, and where we hope the story will go.

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Dream Daddy 💖 Game Review

Written by Thelonia

Well, here we are.

If you have read the title of this review, then you already have an impression of what this is going to consist of. And I am here to tell you it's not what you'd think of at first, but it also is 100% what you think it is. To be honest the worst part about Dream Daddy is having to say the name out loud to people when you want to recommend they play it (which they should, it's cute and funny and deserves the love it's getting).

Nemesis by Bridgit Mendler 😙 EP Review


Written by Tia

Bridgit Mendler is known to many of my generation as one of the girls from Lemonade Mouth, but for me, it was Nemesis that really caught my attention. I stumbled upon the song "Atlantis" while perusing suggested YouTube videos, and I recognized her face enough to give me pause.

Although the music video was weird (I've linked it below and I'll go into that more later) and the rapping wasn't particularly notable (sorry, Kaiydo, I just feel this wasn't your best work), there was something about the song that intrigued me. Maybe it was its sound—which reminded me of audio played in reverse—or its message—a story of sleepy heartbreak—but something about it compelled me to keep listening to her other new releases. And I'm so glad I did.