Horror Movies to Watch this Halloween 👌

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Written by Thelonia

October is the one month when it becomes socially acceptable to watch as many horror movies as you can physically take. I however, am one of those people that watches horror movies the entire year round (there is a reason I wrote my thesis in college about werewolves after all). In honor of the month horror movies, here's a list of some great horror movies I recommend!

Classic Horror:
One of the first horror movies I ever saw was 1963's The Haunting, and it scared the hell out of me (nightmares and everything - thanks Dad). The thing about this movie that scared me as opposed to other scary things I watched around the same time in my life (including a lot more X-Files than I probably should have watched - thanks again Dad), is that it shows almost nothing. The horror comes from the tension you feel when it's dark in your room and you think you see something out of the corner of your eye. The movie, which involves a group of people staying in a creepy old mansion on a hill ("No one can hear you if you scream in the night" says the housekeeper when the main character arrives). As the film goes on, you're really unsure if there is any sort of haunting going on, or if it's just the main character losing her mind.

Horror Comedy:
Look, I know Cabin in the Woods is seen as the all-or-nothing in terms of recent horror parodies, but I have a soft spot in my heart for Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, in which two rednecks (unsurprisingly, named Tucker and Dale) who are on the wrong side of a bunch of teenagers in the woods. Because of some wacky misunderstandings and unfortunate falls, the teens become convinced that Tucker and Dale are the kind of murderous rednecks you tend to see in horror movies like Wrong Turn. The parody becomes more and more gruesome when the teens manage to kill themselves accidentally in increasingly silly ways. Recommend if you want a not particularly serious movie, like horror movies, and are okay with copious amounts of gore.

Contemporary Scares:  

This summer, I went to a showing of this movie at midnight with a friend (very conducive to a weird but good horror movie experience). This is 2016 Korean film The Wailing, in which a small-town cop tries to solve a series of murders and mysterious illnesses. The movie twists and turns several times throughout, leaving you on unsteady ground the entire time: a scapegoat introduced early on, a Japanese ex-pat who lives in a house in the middle of the forest, who has a creepy house and demeanor, seems like a clear patsy for the violence in town, but that assumption is turned on its head so many times that you are left unsure as to anyone's true motives or moral alignments. The movie did an excellent job of balancing humor and horror up until the last twenty minutes or so, when everything sort of devolves into a mish-mash of tropes and characters (including literal Satan - whose presence isn't really explained in any way) that is mostly just insane, but at the same time, it's such a gradual progression into crazy-town that you mostly just go with it, even if you have no idea what is actually happening. Highly recommend, but would also say that you shouldn't try to follow the plot too close (at least the first time through), since you're gonna be confused anyways. 

So go out there and watch some horror movies!

The Haunting and The Wailing can be found on iTunes, YouTube, and Amazon, and Tucker & Dale vs. Evil is on Netflix.

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