Happy Birthday to Tia!

It's December 29th, the 22nd Birthday of Quill & Slate's Tia!

It’s the birthday of my fellow blog-parent, Tia! Without her this blog would literally never have happened, and it definitely wouldn’t be as aesthetic™ as it is now.

Though we are separated by pretty much an entire country and a couple of hours in time zone differences, it always feels like we share a brain. Like someone once said, it’s basically like we’re the same person.

Happy Birthday to Tia!

Happy Birthday to Thelonia!

December 23 marks the 22nd birthday of Quill & Slate's very own Thelonia!

If I asked for a better blog buddy, I'd be asking for the impossible. Thanks for always being a rad friend and for writing way more posts than I do. It's my dream to someday be as cool as you!

Make sure to wish Thelonia a happy birthday!

A Feast of Sorrows 🙌 Book Review

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Written by Thelonia

A Feast of Sorrows is a wonderfully gothic take on fairy tales that brings back stories that are familiar to aficionados of the genre as well as introduces a few new ones to delight the Angela Carter fan inside.

The OA 😟 TV Show Review

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Written by Thelonia

If you asked me what The OA is about, I’d be hard pressed to give you an answer.

A good chunk of it is about angels, another chunk is a horror movie about captivity, there’s some pseudo-science about near death experiences, a lot more magical interpretive dance than you’d expect, and enough teen angst to drown yourself in, which you might want to do once you finally make it to the end of the 8 episode long series.

Smashy Road 🚗 App Review


Written by Tia

If you like 3D pixel art, explosions, stolen cars, and flipping over tanks, this game will speak to you. It's simple, it's engaging, and it'll frustrate you as much as you'll love it.

Kingdom Come 😳 Theatre Review


Written by Thelonia

The world of online dating can be rough. But for two young women, fears and insecurities lead them to lie about themselves online, and in the process, they form a deep emotional connection to each other. But the lies can only go so far. What happens when the Catfish get revealed and the true players have to come out from behind their keyboards to confront the consequences of their lies?

Shore by Daniela Andrade 😍 EP Review


Written by Tia

Daniela Andrade's music career flourished on YouTube, and that's where she's continued to share her work with her 1.3 million subscribers. Although most well known for her covers, which are delicately stripped down to quiet, raw acoustics with lots of reverb, she came out this past year with an EP of four original songs, paired with gorgeous music videos, that any fan of indie female vocalists should look into.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them ✋ Movie Review


Written by Thelonia

When you keep a story contained, you manage to avoid a lot of larger world-building issues. As the Harry Potter universe continues to expand through time and space, it threatens the stability of not only the new fare, but the old series as well.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, the newest installment of the Harry Potter franchise, is a serviceable movie that gets weighed down by attempts to balance out heavy themes and child-friendly jokes, the legacy of the Harry Potter series, as well as the plot of the next four movies.

Love, Love, Love 😰 Theatre Review

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Written by Thelonia

The writing is quick and clean but the characters themselves are messy, sloppy, and often sloppy drunk. Love, Love, Love is a look at a family throughout decades, as baby boomers from the 60s get children and grow and create neurotic, damaged children of their own as we look at the question: how responsible for their children are parents?

Moana 👏 Movie Review

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Written by Thelonia

Disney's new animated movie Moana takes on Pacific Island origin stories in an epic tale of self-discovery and exploration that encompasses a demi-god, a debilitatingly brain-dead chicken, a lava demon, glowing green stone of MacGuffin-ness, and a teenage girl who just wants to achieve her dreams and sings her feelings while staying true to herself.

While Moana struggles with some problems that have plagued Disney movies of its ilk in the past, it still stands strong among the Disney animated fare of all time.