Bubblebath 😕 EP Review


Written by Thelonia

That Poppy is basically a robot that got a record deal - but her music is a lot more auto-tune machine gone rogue than Daft Punk.

The Plague Charmer 😧 Book Review

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Written by Thelonia

A curse on the village of Porlock Weir brings the plague to the shores of England in the 1300s. But between illegitimate children, religious conflicts, an underground cult, and a strange woman pulled from the sea, the people have more than they can handle.

In The Plague Charmer by Karen Maitland, historical fiction and fantasy blend together in a wonderfully dramatic and very occasionally disgusting tale that climaxes in a penultimate fight ontop of a cliff-face with a tug of war between a sea-witch descended from a celtic saint, a priest-in-training, a bereaved mother, a dwarf, a severed hand, and a baby (not the mother's), all next to the grave of a murderer.