Ocean's 8 💃 Film Review

Written by Thelonia

My main takeaway from Ocean's 8 is that I will literally watch women do anything in a movie and have a blast, and also that John Mulaney must rue the day he made that "women could never pull off  an Ocean's 11 type heist" joke from 2012, at least if his twitter mentions from the past few weeks are anything to go by.

Ok, right off the bat, I would like to say, I have never seen any of the Ocean's series, so this was my first experience with it, and let me say, this is the literal best way to start it, and also I don't think I will be watching the first ones just because I had such a blast with this one.

I do, however, understand that Sandra Bullock's character, Debbie Ocean, is George Clooney's character's sister (he is dead (OR IS HE?)), who, upon her release from prison, puts in motion her plan to pull off a heist. This heist is the main driving force of the film, and the reason for Debbie to pull together a team of women who each bring their special skills to the endeavor (all of whom I would die for, thank you very much).

This is an all-star cast, all of whom get to wear fun outfits and just generally exist in the same space in a positive manner (there is a short scene where Awkwafina helps Mindy Kaling learn Tinder. It is great, and also, could have easily been edited out. God bless it for staying in the final cut.). A lot of reviews talk about how the film is basically just a women-only version of the old film, which might be true (I've never seen the other "Ocean's" movies), but it's also inconsequential, at least to me. I count this much the same as I do Wonder Woman, which might not have been the best film of all time, but which I value very deeply because it's just nice to see women on screen (interacting with each other!!!! plotting!!!!! my heart is full to bursting!!!!!).

It's almost TOO MUCH!

Overall, this was one to see in a theater if only for the audience reactions (there was a group of gay guys behind me who gasped and snapped whenever any woman wore an Outfit, and sighed a lot every time Rihanna was on screen), and as long as you just like to have fun! We can just have fun sometimes, you know! This movie is going right to my "competent ladies" movie playlist alongside Jupiter Ascending, Mad Max: Fury Road, and Pacific Rim.

Ocean's 8 is in theaters now

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