Wasted Days by Nahima 🛁 EP Review


Written by Tia

In Nahima's EP Wasted Days, she takes listeners on a honey-smooth journey from one harmony to the next with her catchy vocal melodies and blended production.

Each of the three songs ("Out of Shape," "Like Me Alone," and "Try My Luck") showcases a slightly different mix of chill pop, R&B, and folk influences, which all do well to complement Nahima's light, layered vocals. While the instrumental production is lovely on all three songs, the vocal production is what really ties together the EP—which says good things for Nahima's flexibility as a vocalist, as well as her potential for growth as a new artist.

Somehow, Wasted Days feels like the perfect album for both a relaxing afternoon and a late night drive. If only there were more songs!

"Out of Shape"

This song feels as though it starts in medias res, then pulls you in deep with the entrancing chorus. In the verses, unexpected lyrics leap out (e.g. "ugly face")—and then are snuffed out by the chorus once again. Listen, I really like the chorus, in part because of the way that the instrumental swells and because of the way it changes up the song from the verse. That said, I do wish pretty badly that there was a bridge or some sort of change up near the end of the song, in addition to the chorus and verse. Maybe all I'm saying is that I want more.

Regardless, this song was what got me listening. I love the metaphor of "I'm out of shape when it comes to love" and I love the emotion in her voice as she sings. Then, when the layered vocals come in, and the bass starts playing the countermelody in the background, everything just blends together perfectly.

"Like Me Alone"

The ukulele makes a solo appearance in "Like Me Alone," which puts a cheerful, calming spin on struggling. It immediately made me think of Colbie Caillat—but better. (Sorry, Colbie Caillat!) It also reminded me of Rebecca Sugar, both lyrically and, well, instrumentally, I suppose.

Although it was a little unexpected after the electronically produced "Out of Shape," the way this song broke away to something simple and acoustic felt right. Not only does "Like Me Alone" showcase Nahima's vocal chops, but it also highlights her flexibility and desire to explore music as a post-genre artist. She's not afraid to try out different instrumental tunes (I'm thinking of the next song, too, here) because she can pull them off and because she knows how to put her own unique vocal and melodic spin on them.

Singing between the beats, adding soft harmonies, and mixing up her phrasing—she really turns the simple chord progression into a fairly complex song. The lyric "just small again" just hits!

"Try My Luck"

This one is my favorite. I'm always a sucker for sound effects like thunder and rain. Especially when it has thematic relevance. Plus, the song sounds vaguely reminiscent to some Animal Crossing songs, which I love, so obviously that's got me hook, line, and sinker.

"Try My Luck" is bold without being overbearing, and it's so catchy. Nahima's vocals are smooth as butter here, with long runs, and a little chorus of background Nahimas, too. It's a great song for the EP to end on.

Wasted Days by Nahima will be released wherever music can be found on September 18.

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