Wynonna Earp S3E11-12 🐍 TV Recap

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Written by Thelonia

With every episode of Season 3 of Wynonna Earp, my elevator pitch for the show of "it's Supernatural but with gays and women that don't die immediately" has never felt so on the nose.

We open on Charlie's dead body as Waverly and Nicole try to decide what to do with him and how to tell Wynonna - and whether or not they should tell her it was Doc that did it. Luckily for both of them, Waverly decides trying on her new ring power and brings Charlie back (though he is a bit muddled from the whole being-dead thing).

The mysterious moon has settled over Purgatory and Wynonna is not having it. Thankfully, for them, pretty much all of Purgatory has been evacuated, which is good because that Moon is definitely going to be a sign that things are not normal (I mean, I think most people there know but, hey, gotta keep the illusion of reality up somehow). Unfortunately for the Earps, not only is there the suggestion that Waverly might sit on the throne in the Garden, but she's starting to feel a pull towards it. Wynonna, for relatively obvious reasons does not want her to do that.

All of which ends with Waverly getting sucker punched and tied up in the back of Wynonna's truck so that Charlie can drive her outside of city limits.

You gotta love family.
Meanwhile, Doc is jonesing real bad for something - he manages to glamour some random passersby for a fun Vampire foursome with Kate, but he is not acting right or good at all, and though Kate participates, she's obviously concerned. And she is right to be! Doc is a jerk and a dick and obviously off his nut on something! He's completely obsessed with Charlie and wants more of his blood, which leads to him shooting the fire chief (not cool), also hitting Kate with the bullet because she was in the line of fire (also not cool), and heading off to go snack on Charlie some more.

(Fight me, Doc. Fight me.)

Wynonna, so close and yet so far plot-wise, is loading up a truck with gun related apocalypse supplies when a bunch of Revenants, who've heard via a pleading Bobo that she doesn't have Peacemaker anymore, show up and take her captive and bring her to Bulshar (and dress her up & curl her hair, because presentation is everything).

The Revenants we find out are partying like there is no tomorrow (and you know, they're kind of right). Wynonna, weighing out her options, decides to try to get on Bulshar's side to save the people she cares about. It's while she does that she realizes something: Bulshar really does not want to touch her. Wynonna, together with Mercedes (who is there due to Wife privileges) and a gay revenant (who Wynonna wins over because she is a #trueally), manages to escape. This is only after ripping up her dress something good though, sort of turning it into a Saloon Girl outfit, which does look pretty fun to fight in.

After Bulshar makes a run for it (he can't touch Wynonna because then she could actually kill him), Wynonna convinces the Revenants to fight on her side, since breaking the Earp curse is in all of their best interests.

The group then collectively heads to the Earp Homestead, because what's better to do before throwing ourselves in the path of danger if not just completely getting blasted one last time, all together.

There is also an inspirational speech because, you know, Earps are dramatic.

Waverly and Charlie have been out of the picture, with Waverly managing to convince Charlie not to drive her out of town, instead heading to Mama Earp's greenhouse, which is where Doc (still a bit delirious) manages to track the two of them down, demanding to see Charlie and tossing Waverly around when she doesn't tell him where he is.

Actually, a lot of this episode is people tossing Waverly around.

It is here, in this greenhouse, that we figure out what's been up with Doc and Charlie...and that is that Doc has been really off kilter because Charlie is an Angel, and (drumroll please), he is Julian.

Waverly's Dad.

I would like to say from the bottom of my heart, and with the most sincerity I can muster...I told you so.

I feel so smart you guys.

I would also like to shout of special effects people because wow, angel wings must be real hard to animate since they ALWAYS look weird as hell. Which meant I was laughing at what I think were supposed to be dramatic moments. Oh well.

A true one-two comedic punch.

A lot goes down then in a very quick succession of events: Bobo (who got left out by Robin and Jeremy :( sad) gets recruited by Bulshar and gets dressed in very ugly clothes that I am only now realizing was the outfit that douche who killed Dolls was wearing. Damn. Nicole gets shot by the beekeepers, Mercedes and Kate make friends (I love them together tbh can they just get a golf cart and meander through every scene from here on out giving running commentary and drinking margaritas). Robin and Jeremy also get jumped by the beekepers (at the station this time), but they realize that Robin is immune to them (thanks weird tree thing!), though they still get saved by a much-missed shotgun-toting Nedley.

We missed ye so Nedley.

Charlie heals Nicole, we get a dirt reveal with Bobo (he's also been tree'd, which I am going to miss saying once this season is over), and we get a full on Revenant - Beekeeper battle with Wynonna and Bulshar as the main leaders on either side.

This ends in a few things: Wynonna nearly gets chainsawed in half, Charlie (who saves her) gets shanked by Bobo, and Bobo gets burned inside out by Waverly.

It's the ciiiiiircle of liiiiiiiiiiife...

Bulshar, realizing that as long as the Earp Curse exists Wynonna can beat the shit out of him, breaks the curse on his own, which was so quick and surprising that I'm honestly still reeling?

Look, this has been the main plot motivator for this whole fucking show I'm lost without it tbh.

We also, and I'm going to need everyone to hold onto their butts for this one, finally get a resolution on that mistaken proposal we had from a few episodes ago, with Waverly finally proposing to Nicole (and still with Bulshar/Julian's ring, wow). We better get a wedding next season you guys (for some reason I am picturing an on-land version of the wedding scene at the end of the 3rd Pirates of the Caribbean movie????

I have given so much and now I get to receive.

Heading into the final confrontation with Bulshar, Wynonna drugs most of the team during their big pre-ass-kick drinks time, which seems kind of like a bad idea, but she doesn't want anyone getting hurt (apart from herself, please Wynonna get some self-preservation instincts I am begging you). The only one not drugged out of their mind is Waverly, since the two have got to go face Bulshar at the Stairs (the place Waverly has been drawn to in the past two episodes).

They wear Jeremy's puree of Bulshar-arm and Robin-blood, which manages to keep them invisible to the Beekeepers. Bulshar is looking um...real bad, mostly because he is apparently just straight up turning back into a snake, and his scalp is looking real flaky.

Wynonna takes him on in hand to hand combat while Waverly disarms the Staircase from the Peacemaker sword and names Wynonna as the new Champion to guard the Garden. This turns the tide in favor of team Earp.

I managed to not make a Sting joke and I would like to be commended for my restraint.

Wynonna manages to stab Bulshar, leading to one of the shortest victories of all time since he manages to snake bite her in the neck, taking them both down. Doc, whose blood sucking abilities have been the bane of Purgatory for the past few episodes, manages to actually save the day by sucking out the venom (which had me frantically googling because last I remembered that was actually not an effective way of stopping venom).

But we're not free sailing yet, because OF COURSE WE CAN'T JUST BE HAPPY, and oh whoops there goes Waverly, the Garden (well, a tree from the Garden) grabs her and drags her inside.

And there she go.
Doc decides now is the time for redemption and he goes in after her up the stairs, as Wynonna watches, stuck outside of the stairs (the Champion can't actually go in?).

So, Bulshar's defeated, there's no Revenants left, but her sister and baby daddy are now stuck in the Garden of Eden, so what's a girl to do? Find the closest Nedley, grab some guns, and go in after them.

And so Nedley and Wynonna get ready to storm the castle (well, the Garden) to rescue Doc and Waverly, and we all have to wait for Season 4 and oh God I can't wait.

Things to look out for (aka: I HAVE CONCERNS):
  • So, the Earp Curse is lifted but like...Waverly & Doc are currently in the Garden so...not good
    • without the Revenants, are fighting Angels now? I NEED MORE INFORMATION
      • wait if there's only Angels up there Doc is gonna get real fucked on Angel Blood if he gets hungry
  •  Who's Valdez?????
    • There's this tense shot of this graffiti at the Homestead which has to have been a Revenant, right?
  • Can we get an Alice update now that the curse is broken? PLEASE?
Can Wynonna have ONE GOOD DAY PLEASE????

Well, I was worried about people dying, but the only ones who got ganked were Charlie & Bobo, both of which had already died before, so it wasn't as sharp a pain as others (DOLLS HOW I MISS YE). Instead, we're moving into a new world of possibilities and creatures and I am so excited for next Season you guys! 

You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Wynonna Earp on Netlix and Season 3 is available on SyFy.

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