Wynonna Earp S3E6 🎄 TV Recap

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Written by Thelonia

Christmas in Purgatory is basically exactly what you'd think.

It's Christmas, and since it's Michelle's first back with the Girls, she's gone a bit out on the Christmas cheer. Unfortunately, this does not save Doc from getting a little bit yelled at when he shows up with a Christmas tree (for mites, she says, but let's say it's more the 'secret wife, not telling my daughter, etc...' thing).

The tension of the episode sort of gets centered around the 'menstruangel', an angel Waverly made of tampons which has become the Earp staple on the tree in the years since their Mama left (she, for relatively obvious reasons, does not particularly care for this tradition.)

Over a turkey de-gutting, Michelle reveals to Waverly & Wynonna the details (mostly) of her relationship with Waverly's father Julian (suspected Angel). Turns out he disappeared the day Waverly was born. Also, Bobo was there (?)

And if you think I'm not suspicious as hell about how they didn't show his face at all then YOU DON'T KNOW ME.

The Supernatural evil for the episode, meanwhile, kicks in with a distinctly Christmas themed feeling, with Bulshar dressed in a red version of his regular coat kidnapping a child from the tree farm (right under Nedley-Santa's jolly red nose).

As she checks out the scene, she meets Charlie, from the fire station (are they not all demon-hunters still or did they pad out their membership with uninitiated members of the robe-wearing group?), and they hit it off despite him just being kind of off.

I honestly can't tell if it's because of acting/directing choices or because he's up to something but I just do not trust this guy's face. Also, him immediately hitting on Wynonna is setting off my "step away from my baby!" alarms. I know she can take care of herself, but Wynonna! You don't know this man!

Continuing on, things are looking bad for Robin, who has found himself in Santa (Bulshar)'s Lair, complete with evil beekeepers, people in cages, and a naughty list.

So that's not great.

Other subplots include:
Awkward conversation between Waverly and Bobo (Bobo was the one who made Daddy Earp accept her as a part of the family, read: not abandon her completely).

Nedley, in full freak out mode, decides that he's had enough of everyone dying in Purgatory like, all the time. So (based at least in part to Wynonna's shaming of him a few episodes back) decides to tell Nicole he's retiring and making her the Sheriff.

Ok so on the one hand: cool, happy for you Nicole, on the other hand, NEDLEEEEEY. Also, this is going to definitely cut into Wayhaught cuddle time.

Unfortunately, right before Charlie & Wynonna save everyone in Bulshar's lab, Robin sacrifices himself for the child who was taken right at the beginning, and we see him get tree'd. Which, by the way, seems super gross.

Pictured: gross.

Even though he's effectively got a tree time bomb planted in him now, he does get out post rampage montage (set to a fun remix of Jingle Bells), and manages to reunite with Jeremy at the station.

Like Jeremy says, it's nice to know Robin got kidnapped and wasn't ghosting him.

(Still concerned about the tree thing though)

And everything wraps up with Christmas dinner with the whole family, though Doc storms off pretty quickly to see Kate, feeling a bit left out of the Earp family (mostly after Wynonna gave him the cold shoulder earlier).

Mama Earp also comes to the realization that even if she wants everything to be perfect for her family, they made their own traditions, and she can't erase those years or traditions. 

Meaning: Here comes the menstruangel.

Such beautiful family traditions.

And as the characters split up (because no Earp dinner ever really goes uninterrupted), we see three different relationships progress.

Wayhaught has a spiritual revisit of the cheerleader dance, a sexy elf dance/singalong, which was both cute and deeply awkward to watch (which was probably mostly me).

They're cute, and at least they're making good life decisions. SPEAKING OF WHICH.

Wynonna, I know everyone keeps telling you you should get laid, but you don't know dick about Charlie and he is most definitely up to something, so please use caution!

However, this is Wynonna, so she has sex with him in a firetruck, which like, follow your bliss, but also, BAD CHOICE (I think)(pretty sure).

Please, think of the children (I am the children).

Aaaaand, Doc's a vampire now.

Could like any of you just chill for a goddamn minute? Now we're gonna have to deal with this on top of everything else. Jesus.

Things to look out for (aka: I HAVE CONCERNS):
  • Robin is back! Unfortunately, he has also been Tree'd, which does not bode well. I just want Jeremy to be happy, damnit!
  • Bobo's now officially out of the well, which should be interesting. The timer on how long it takes him to get a fur coat begins now.
  • Doc......Wynonna........make better life choices.
  • Random prediction: Charlie is Waverly's Dad. This is mostly based on timing but also, because I think it would be peak awkward for everyone involved.
    • Or he's the Angel Statue. I'm cool with either. 
      • Him being Charlie is definitely funnier though.

The Earps never do holidays by halves, and it's no surprise that this Christmas was an especially tumultuous one since it's the first with Mama Earp back with the group. It definitely feels like relationships from here on out are going to get a bit fraught (Charlie better not be some sort of supernatural entity, please, this family's been through enough) (however, if he is Julian, that would be awesome, thanks).

You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Wynonna Earp on Netlix and Season 3 is currently playing on SyFy.

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