Wynonna Earp S3E9 🔁 TV Recap

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Written by Thelonia

Strap in y'all, this one's a wild ride.

When we start up this episode on the heels of everything last episode, most notably Wynonna and Doc getting dusted by Bulshar in the barn, it seems like everything's okay, which means of course, that nothing is.

Wynonna and Doc are canoodling in the Barn instead of being in any mortal dire straights and, paralleling the bait and switch with the (not so) pornographic moans of Waverly and Nicole (they were trying to get that ring off Waverly's fingers), the two are not actually canoodling at all, rather both are in the thrall of Bulshar's mind prison.

Things turn quickly Groundhog Day-ish from there, but the bad part in the middle, where Bill Murray longs for death and just starts committing suicide in increasingly elaborate ways, but with Wynonna getting shot, stabbed, lava'd while Doc gets slowly buried alive.

There are a lot of trippy Doc overlays in this episode.

Back in non-hallucinogenic hellscape Purgatory, Nicole and Waverly are trying to get that ring off Waverly's finger, since it does seem to have some sort of power that none of them truly understand as of yet. They visit a jeweler who attempts to use a hand saw to get it off Waverly's finger, but is very insistent about getting it once that fails.

It turns out he's a demon but hey, who isn't these days.

The pair attempt to enlist Kate's help in removing the (they assume) cursed ring, but Kate's not home anymore. Instead, the two run into a returned Mercedes, whose face is mostly in one piece, which is a pretty big feat of reconstructive plastic surgery (though she's not pleased with the results).

After the jeweler (surprise, demon!) attempts to take first Mercedes and then Nicole hostage to get Waverly to hand over the ring, Waverly uses her apparent face-melting powers, which freaks everyone out a little bit and makes Mercedes hand her a kitchen mitt to keep from accidentally face melting anyone else (but not before Waverly touches her face, calls her beautiful, and conspicuously does not melt Mercedes' face off).

As Doc & Wynonna continue to toil through their endless suffering of dying & dying over and over, this time with added Bobo, Waverly and Nicole team up with Jeremy in the woods to find their lost sister and resident grumpy old man. They find Bobo first however, which means we get more cryptic nonsense, but with an added bonus of some new information: Bulshar's ring, which is living on Waverly's hand now, was actually Julian's, her father's.

As the team find Wynonna and Doc's bodies in the trees, Wynonna is at the end of her rope. Bulshar, after giving her hope that the ordeal was over, has restarted the process of breaking the heir, and explains to her that was he wants is The Tower, Peacemaker, so he can get to Paradise. He'll let her (and Doc) go from this hell if she'll just hand it over. Before we can hear her answer, she wakes up in Waverly's arms.

At first I thought they were gonna leave it ambiguous as to whether or not Wynonna handed over Peacemaker, but it looks like she did, which um, ain't great.

Things to look out for (aka: I HAVE CONCERNS):
  • Bobo's back! And with a nice fur coat, which is impressive considering he doesn't seem to have stopped for anything else.
  • Plot twist! Bulshar's ring (now perma-stuck on Waverly) was actually her Dad's ring? What does that mean for Waverly & the Garden of Eden? Also, why was it popping up in front of Nicole? 
    • Side note, are we gonna address that almost proposal?

    Without Peacemaker the Earp team's collective future seems bleaker than ever. However, Waverly does have a supercharged power ring now, which may be coming in handy (or may result in even more bad times, oh how this show could go either way panics me to my core). Only a few more episodes to go, and oh boy, is this gonna be a doozy. 

    You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Wynonna Earp on Netlix and Season 3 is currently playing on SyFy.

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