Wynonna Earp S3E8 🥔 TV Recap

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Written by Thelonia

We made it folks, we made it to the potato lick. Truly an iconic moment in television history.

Hot off the heels of last week's episode, featuring Everyone Making Bad Decisions, episode 8 of the third season of Wynonna Earp, "Waiting Forever For You" continues the trend and really kicks off what feels like is going to be a hell of a Season wrap-up.

We open at Shorty's (as we so often do), where Wynonna is teaching Jeremy how to play pool (and is wearing a truly amazing 'Lasagna Del Rey' shirt which I now need, thanks so much everyone). As Charlie and his fellow firefighters come in, we find out that Wynonna, ever the commitment-dodger, has ghosted Charlie, and is now attempting to lay low. This does not in fact, work, but not for lack of trying. When confronted by a (gratefully) accepting Charlie, she attempts to move past her own emotional constipation and invites him out to dinner. This will end well, said no one.

Bulshar, off on his own doing evil terrible things, is busy on the Salt Flats, bringing Constance Clootie back from the dead (sans head, which gets added back post-burning). Though she's brought back, she's not wholly there, stumbling off like a sort of Frankenstein-y monster.

In further supernatural shenanigans, a hungry Doc, having refused Kate's offer of some random dude as a blood snack, wanders the woods, where he comes across Robin. This goes about as well as expected.

A Story in Four Parts.

Despite the fact that this could have gone real south real fast, Robin's tree blood magically saves him, since it makes him gross to eat apparently (yay?). This means he gets to live on for another day, and will, in fact, make it to the big gay dinner he and Jeremy have planned with Waverly and Nicole.

This is part 1 of Robin Almost Dies, something that is turning into a bit of weekly segment. Once more, I gotta say: don't die Robin, I swear to god, don't do it.

Across town, that dinner date with Wynonna and Charlie is going about as smoothly as one could expect. Meaning it's kind of weird and awkward and five seconds in Jeremy shows up to tell Wynonna he knows about Doc being all vamped up, and that Robin got attacked by him like two minutes ago.

This leads to Wynonna going off on her own to confront Kate, with Charlie trapping Doc at Shorty's (lured there by a text from Wynonna). Their awkward standoff leads to a awkward team up when Constance Clootie's zombified self pops up and starts looking for something.

Though Wynonna seems to be convinced that Kate made Doc become a Vampire, Kate clears everything up, and gives us her backstory (finally), complete with flashbacks.

On the homestead, the dinner party is underway, but a wrench in the works is that Robin's been acting really weird. He doesn't remember being attacked by Doc, but he does start talking about potatoes and what they're thinking about. Which of course, leads to one of the most anticipated moments of Season 3.

The man. The myth. The legend.

Bulshar's ring does a bit more of a pop up trick, showing up surprisingly in the biscuits, which leads to an accidental almost-proposal from Nicole to Waverly. Thankfully, Robin being completely off his nut proves to be a good distraction for the moment.

Constance Clootie finds her way to Wynonna and Kate's knife stand-off, making them work together to fend her off. This has the unexpected side effect of Kate realizing what Bulshar wants of her.

In the barn, Robin has walked off to be, as Jeremy says, "a beautiful shirtless Roomba." It is worrying that he seems to be doing more and more erratic things, but we can fix that, right guys? Right? (Just say yes, I'm starting to panic here).

Constance breaks in looking for something and in the panic Waverly slips on Bulshar's ring which she 1. can't get off her finger afterwards, and 2. gets super punching powers.

As we rewatch the confrontation with Bulshar after Kate realizes what Constance wanted, we find out that Kate did in fact pull Tarot cards for Bulshar (back when he was the Sheriff), but didn't show him his Future card, which he's sent Constance to get. Figuring that Wynonna's and his' futures are linked, Wynonna gets Kate to read her future, leading to the big discovery of the episode.

You cannot imagine how happy I was, after so many movies using Poker as a plot point where I cannot follow at all, that I can finally take a lead because I DO KNOW TAROT Y'ALL. Although that is a bit of a double-edged sword because now I'm going to mentally analyse their analysis of the cards and read how it could actually mean the complete opposite. The struggle is real y'all.

In what is perhaps the most emotional part of the episode, Wynonna (accompanied by Kate) puts down Constance, whose existence is not only a call back to when she was the Big Bad such a short time ago, but also how her state has been brought down, unable to talk or think for herself really. Though she does exhibit one last show of defiance by pulling Peacekeeper to her head, in a plea to finally be put to rest.

Kate then talks with Wynonna, basically acknowledging that Doc's relationship to the Earp heir is a strong and kind of messed up one, and she doesn't want to fight it. 

And no, Kate didn't take the bread basket and go, but that is sort of what these two images imply, so have fun with that mental image.

Anyhow, the cards, along with Bulshar's ring that now has some hebrew on it because Waverly put it on, reveals that what Bulshar actually is looking for is the Garden of Eden, which is what the Ghost River Triangle is actually protecting. With this revelation sitting with us, we get a cliffhanger of an ending with Bulshar taking out Doc and Wynonna, their fate to be determined in the next episode (WHY EMILY).

Things to look out for (aka: I HAVE CONCERNS):
  • Bobo's just wandering around somewhere, as is Mama Earp, so that's fun
  • Kate's gone? Is she...gonna come back or....
  • So what's up with the Garden of Eden? (Oh god, were the mormons right?) and what does it have to do with Waverly (and Nicole)? SO MANY QUESTIONS

    Well, I am worried about everyone, and have so many questions that I hope will get answered soon, but ho boy, this shit is picking up plot-wise. I'm just hoping no more people die. I CAN'T TAKE IT.

    You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Wynonna Earp on Netlix and Season 3 is currently playing on SyFy.

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