The Matrimonial Advertisement 💋 Book Review


Written by Thelonia

Gonna be completely honest, I picked this one up thinking it was going to be a historical drama of the likes of Westward the Women, got two pages in and realized it was a Gothic Romance. Surprising, but not a disappointment! The Matrimonial Advertisement is a fun, cute historical romance that isn't the most complex thing you're ever going to read, but which combines a romance plot with a look at how women were at risk due to their lack of individual status legally.

When Helena Reynolds arrives in a small village in North Devon, she is clearly running from something, or somebody in London. Something which has led her here, answering the advertisement from the newspaper for a wife. Justin Thornhill however, is not necessarily what she expected - neither is she what he thought she'd be.

Of course, the two quickly find themselves more and more intrigued by each other, and soon find that perhaps together they could combat each other's demons, even as they fight against their own.

A cute, quick read that delivers on the gothic aspects (oh, the brooding, the dark cliffs over the sea, the abbey house, I love ye tropes), the romance (good lord, did I mention the brooding), and some rather interesting historical tidbits about women's positions of power (or lack thereof). Check it out if you're looking for something sweet (and brooding) and particularly if you have a predisposition to gothic romances. You'll find more than enough for you here.

The Matrimonial Advertisement is available everywhere books are sold.

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