Sold on a Monday 💰 Book Review


Written by Thelonia

Based on an iconic photo from 1948 with a disreputable reputation, Sold on a Monday takes the photo and the controversy behind it and creates an entire world for the family pictured, the journalist who took the photo, and everyone who gets embroiled in the affair, from mafiosos, orphanages, returns from the dead, and some light kidnapping.

Sold on a Monday tells its story through the eyes of two reporters:

Ellis Reed, a struggling writer who stumbles upon a family attempting to sell their children. After the picture he takes of that family is ruined, he tries to recreate it for his story. Unfortunately, this means staging it with an entirely different family, a choice which leads to unforeseen consequences for far more people than he initially thinks.

Lillian Palmer is a single mother working as a secretary at the paper, struggling to gain recognition for her writing and keep everyone in the dark as to her child's existence. She quickly becomes embroiled in the intrigue surrounding the children in Ellis' now infamous picture.

While you might expect Sold on a Monday to ignore the controversy behind the original photo, which did indeed exist, Kristina McMorris leans into it instead, providing fictional context for the staging of the photo and creating a fun and exciting mystery while juggling historical elements and varying characters as each follows their own leads individually.

Sold on a Monday is available everywhere books are sold.

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