The Good Demon 😈 Book Review


Written by Thelonia

The Good Demon starts in the aftermath of an exorcism. Unlike most stories that involve demonic possession & the removal thereof, this time our main character Clare misses her demon. Her best friend is gone now, and Clare finds herself desperate to get her back. Little does she know that her small town hides more secrets than she knows about, and her quest to get her demon back will only expose her to the darker more twisted things that hide behind closed doors, and bring them all to the light.

Clare was a really fun character to read about. She is a bit of a kleptomaniac, hates her stepdad, and has nothing to do around town now that her demon (always referred to as 'Her') was taken from her. But the preacher's son, present for the 'removal' seems like a good person to keep her attention while she seeks out ways to bring Her back, though it may be a case of being careful what you wish for...

The Good Demon was a cute (for a horror book at least) read that definitely has you guessing on whose side anyone is at any time. While reading as a grown person had me yelling at the teenage main character that she was making bad decisions based on how grown up she thinks she is, I definitely think this would be a good read for those who still have a firm grasp on their sense of teenage rebellion. As long as they're down with demons, obviously.

The Good Demon is available everywhere books are sold.

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