Wynonna Earp S3E10 🙋 TV Recap

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Written by Thelonia

I got so many picture of Bobo just reclining shirtless in that fur coat in the glass cage. Judge this episode 100% based on that. Also, angels: dicks?

Well, we start off this episode with a fun reminder that Wynonna doesn't have Peacemaker anymore, which immediately set off my panic response because ho boy that's not good.

When the actual episode starts, it's with a flashback to Purgatory, 1800s, and we get to see a familiar face (except with a mustache this time, he didn't have that last time, right?) - Juan Carlo. Two things are set up here: Bobo (in his pre-Bobo, human days) barges in and the two discuss getting Peacemaker to the 'Champion', and there is a woman, Maeve, who was taking notes for Juan Carlo (she does not like Bobo, which, fair).

Flash to today, where Bobo is being kept by the Earp team in that nice glass box they liberally used last season (I guess it does keep coming in handy, so, fine). He and Wynonna have a fun stand off when she tries to question him but his brain is "a bit fried." So he's not making much sense. Wynonna heads out for some fresh air but Waverly and Jeremy decide to stay back and babysit Bobo in case he says something important.

Wynonna runs into Charlie, who popped up on the homestead surprisingly (he was fixing the lawnmower), and the two embrace, which had me on edge since I've been spending the last few episodes waiting for the other shoe to drop in regards to the sort of out of nowhere and out of place fireman. (More on that other shoe later)

Charlie however gets quickly sidelined for the "mysterious figure that appears out of nowhere" character slot when Kevin, who we saw in a quick cutaway in a hazmat suit back at the mine where Bulshar rose. Kevin acosts the Earp sisters and tells them that they have access to a weapon, and the sisters are the only ones who can get it.

Meanwhile, in this episode's B-plot, we get to see Doc go whole hog on a paper bag with a blood bag inside (in the middle of Shorty's no less). Nicole also sees this go down, and while she isn't particularly comforted by Doc's face being covered in blood, she does need some help with something Bobo mentioned - the woman called Maeve.

This leads to the two of them heading to Maeve's homestead, looking for Maeve's book, which may help with the impending apocalypse, where instead, they find that Maeve's spirit haunts in the form of fire. And then Nicole promptly gets possessed.

It is pretty fun though.

Kevin, whilst eating pickles, explains that they represent some sort of organization (ANGELS?????) and while they are told not to interfere, Kevin felt like it was now or never (hello, apocalypse). They tell the Earp sisters that what they need is the arm, specifically Bulshar's, which stayed in the mine where he woke up. 

This happens however, to be a Uranium mine, and the arm has found itself a new owner which means, yes, radioactive revenant.

Back at the station, Robin brings Jeremy some food, though Jeremy eventually gets called out to help Doc with witch-possessed Nicole, leaving Robin to discuss Jazz with Bobo, which is every bit as great as it sounds.

Back at Maeve's cabin, it's just a series of body jumping, from Nicole to Jeremy back to Nicole, all while Maeve tries to get Doc to bite Nicole and tells the pair that what she wants is a nice dead (fresh) body to jump into.

The whole business ends rather badly: Nicole spits up a page of the book, which they do manage to find in the fireplace, but Maeve jumps back into said fireplace and detonates, leaving the entire place on fire.

Wynonna, meanwhile, has discovered it's not a great idea to get in close proximity to a radioactive revenant, something which Waverly also discovers when she attempts to use the ring on her hand to punch him.

She does however, eventually (through use of her emotions rather than simple yelling) get the arm (Bulshar's) to do what she wants. The ring and the arm are connected, it seems, and she uses it to choke the revenant it's attached to out.

The pair (well, mostly Wynonna) set to ripping off the revenant's arm, which they do quickly, though they don't quite know what to do with it once they actually have it.

In what was a surprising but not all-too tragic turn of events, Charlie is one of the firefighters sent to the fire at Maeve's cabin, and when he tries to wake up Doc, who is in a bit of a bloodlust scenario, he winds up getting bitten pretty bad and well...RIP Charlie, sorry I never thought you weren't going to turn out to be evil (or Waverly's dad that one time).

Nicole doesn't take the whole Charlie murder thing well at all.

Also, it may have been because their subplot was mostly cutesy fun, but her deep anger at Doc for having killed Charlie (who I still didn't care about because I assumed he was going to turn out to be evil) felt a bit out-of-nowhere.

However I am ultimately happy she yelled at him simply because he does not seem to give a shit he bled a guy to death which, um...is a bit concerning. I'm thinking Doc may be on a path of no return here.

The face of no regrets. (Though he's definitely going to regret it when Wynonna catches wind of what went down).

Back at the station, we learn that Bulshar was the snake from the Garden of Eden (yes, you heard that right) and that given his tree fetish, he's probably aiming for the Tree of Knowledge or the Tree of Life. He should not have access to either as he is the Devil (or devil-adjacent at least), but he does have the Tower so that's one step in the right direction.

When Kevin shows up again, we find out how Bulshar's apocalypse can be stopped: and it's not Wynonna who will be the Champion this time, it's Waverly. The weapon Kevin was talking about wasn't Bulshar's arm, it was Waverly. Kevin wasn't sure she'd be able to wield it, being only half-angel, but she could stop the apocalypse by sitting on her Father's throne. The catch: she'll turn into stone if she does. Waverly is okay with this, Wynonna is decidedly not.

The pair catch up (sans Kevin, who walked off saying to Waverly that her father would be disappointed in her), Wynonna saying she'd rather the whole world be destroyed rather than lose her sister. The discussion is then sidetracked by the pair of them realizing that it's 9pm and the sun is still  blinding.

On the other side of town, we are similarly cliffhanger'd when Mercedes, all ready for her date, gets snatched out of her front door, by someone who I assume is Kevin, but I will also say I am not doing great guess-wise so far in these last few episodes. Goddamn things are getting twisty.

Things to look out for (aka: I HAVE CONCERNS):
  • Why isn't the sun setting 
    • and is it angels
  • Who snatched Mercedes
    • and is it angels (specifically Kevin)
      • also, is Kevin an angel? I assume yes.
        • also also: is Kevin a dick? Again, I assume yes.

Well, this was the last episode before the Season 3 2-hour finale, which may just break us all if the last few episodes are anything to judge by. I'm living my life in fear and, while we know there's another season in the works, I'm scared for our core team here.

You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Wynonna Earp on Netlix and Season 3 is currently playing on SyFy.

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