Wynonna Earp S3E2 😢 TV Recap

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Written by Thelonia

Well, I'm upset.

It was fair to say that while I may have expected certain things to have happened maybe at some point, for them to happen this early in the season? I am overwhelmed, folks. OVERWHELMED.

I have really got to start listening more closely to what Emily posts on Twitter.

Picking up where we left off, literally on a cliffhanger, Wynonna is, well, hanging off a cliff at the beginning of the newest episode, titled "When You Call My Name." Or at least, she's stuck on a cliff-face. A ghostly vision of her Mother begins to walk her through things she taught Wynonna in wilderness survival camping trips, which here means: shove your arm back into its socket and climb a cliff in a dress (AND HEELS).

Also, Peacemaker just kind of chills on this cliff for the whole episode.

Once she manages to pull herself up the cliff (once again, in heels), she starts fallowing Waverly's bloody path through the snow. And where is Waverly? Well, basically she gets kidnapped by a hunter-revenant who Little Mermaid's her, and also eats people, as revenants do.

Gonna say, never a good sign when someone has a person-sized cage. Had good mood lighting though.

While the revenant holding Waverly captive did use her voice to attempt to stall Nicole, the redhead can tell something's up, and plans to check up on Waverly (with donuts, of course) to make sure she's okay. However, on the way, she gets pulled over by a man who says the path through the woods changed (which is corroborated  by the hunter-revenant saying the trees have been moving, MORE ON THAT LATER) and he lost track of his son. He was only able to find his way back by following the crashed Earp car. Nicole realizes what's up (re: crash) and immediately alerts everyone.

Everyone being Doc, who tells Jeremy, who says he's going to tell Dolls, but doesn't. AND THIS LEADS INTO THIS EPISODE'S MOST UPSETTING AND SURPRISING SUBPLOT.

It turns out Dolls' drugs haven't been working as well as they used to, which, as a person who watched all of the previous episodes made my brain go "oh! we're doing this again" because we've seen subplots about Dolls' condition before, and they've always turned out okay. Which, um, was not what happened here, but once again, MORE ON THAT LATER.

The squad is hot on the trail of Waverly & Wynonna (except for Dolls, who is still not in the loop), and are trying to not freak out about the girls being missing. They only sort of succeed on that front.

Wynonna, meanwhile, has found Waverly in the cabin, which I then realized was lit blue-orange like oh so many movies/movie posters nowadays. Waverly, knowing about the many booby traps in the house, has to mime to Wynonna how to avoid said booby traps (and also has to mime "booby trap" which goes basically exactly like you'd imaging).

Love some quality boob-miming.

Wynonna realizes she can't break Waverly out, so decides to confront the revenant head on. Through the pre-beat down conversation, the revenant seems to freak out when she tells him Bulshar's back since he seems to have some sort of history with the Demon, but we don't get any more information on that because the revenant's not the most coherent speaker, and because Wynonna has tricks up her sleeve. These tricks involve running and luring the revenant to the edge of a spiky pit which he's set up and shoving him in, which releases the voices he's trapped. And also, presumably, sort of traps him since he didn't get Peacemakered.

A slightly gorier version of the 'shell-crushing' voice release, but no less magical.

From here on, we have all our main characters back at the crashed truck, recuperating as the last ten minutes of the episode count down, which is of course, when everything goes absolutely batshit insane.

Right off the bat, just fuck this guy.

Dolls seems to be having some sort of episode, and tells Waverly that she's going to be there for Wynonna, which was worrying, but MORE worrying (in the immediate) is that this jackhole above cuts Nicole's line from where she's dangling off the cliff trying to grab Peacemaker, leading Wynonna to have to grab it and hold her up.

Let's say it together this time: IN HEELS.

Bulshar's right hand demon keeps disappearing and reappearing, meaning Doc, who keeps lunging at him, just keeps falling on the ground, which would be funny if things weren't going to hell all around them.

And THEN Dolls shows up and takes Bulshar's henchman on himself, which leads to a fight that ends in mutually assured self destruction fire breath, which engulfs the both of them and leaves Dolls dead.


The show has never wavered from showing the repercussion of grief before. Season 1, Wynonna dealt with a lot of self-blame over the death of her Father, and Season 2 opens with her not dealing with the death of her sister, Willa. While she wasn't directly responsible for Dolls' death, it's another character-defining moment for everyone in the show as to how they cope moving forward. Clearly, Bulshar isn't playing around, and the stakes just got higher and more personal for everyone involved.

Things to look out for (aka: I HAVE CONCERNS):
  • Bulshar Tree theory BASICALLY CONFIRMED. Now the question is are these trees moving around like in that Grimm Brothers movie or are they Evil Ents? Cause I really want Evil Ents in my life.
  • No movement re: Nicole's backstory or Contessa's integration into Purgatory, but since this was basically a capsule episode, there's no reason for either to have come up. Will put on the back-burner for now.
In summary: I am CRUSHED. I am DEVASTATED. And while I honestly would be 100% okay with Dolls just sort of popping up at the end of the next episode like "What's up guys! I'm fine!!!!" this was a very striking moment in terms of the finality of it. Dolls has been a main player for so long, it feels like it's gonna be very weird to not have him around. Even when he went AWOL last season, the team still knew he was around. He's not anymore, and that's going to change the dynamic, and probably going to lead SOME PEOPLE to terrible life decisions.

I am ready, but also I am not ready for next week's episode. Also if Dolls could perhaps come back as some sort of Lizard that just sort of pops up and nods approvingly every once in a while, that would be cool, thanks.

You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Wynonna Earp on Netlix and Season 3 is currently playing on SyFy.

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