Game Night 🎲 Film Review

Written by Thelonia

Max and Annie are those people when it comes to games. Every week they host Game Night with their friends Ryan, Kevin, and Michelle. But between avoiding their overly interested and wildly deadpan neighbor Gary who keeps trying to get invited to Game Nights, and Max's much more successful brother Brooks, this Game Night promises a lot more challenges than they're prepared for.

Game Night sets up its characters quickly and succinctly, with everyone delivering solid performances. The plot, with its set up of a mystery Game goes haywire very early in the film which, in addition to several subplots which all pay off in their own funny ways, the movie picks up pace almost immediately and doesn't let up until the very last second.

It's hard to say too much without ruining the twists and turns the story goes on, but safe to say this is one of the most surprisingly funny mainstream comedies I've seen in a while. Do go see it while it's in theaters, the audience reactions make this one pretty entertaining to see.

Game Night is currently in theaters. 

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