"Bad Liar" by Selena Gomez 👸 Music Video Review


Written by Tia

In the music video for Selena Gomez's supremely catchy new song, "Bad Liar," she returns to the role she plays best—acting as a high school student. And... a creepy teacher that is also her cheating (step?) father? And... her own mother? And... the gym teacher she has a crush on? It's bizarre, comedic, a touch of genuine fun, and way too short!

Watch the music video for "Bad Liar" below.

'80s movie influence with '70s style?

I don't know about you, but this music video felt to me like an ode to the '80s teen, coming-of-age film, and is, in my opinion, one of the few recent pop music videos out there that truly warrants a non-music scene/intro or outro to let us learn more about the fun characters Selena plays during the song. I'm sorely disappointed this music video wasn't longer, to be honest.

The intro where she rides in on a bike is very Donnie Darko. The dancing in her room feels like ever teen movie ever. It's just such a fun homage to simple, dreamy, high school days, in a time slightly more vintage than our own. Did you spot any other references? I'm still brushing up on my movie watching.

That LGBTQ+ representation!

It would not be right to let it go unappreciated that Selena's main character in this music video appears to be a girl crushing on another girl. She doesn't overplay or underplay it, and it feels like a very relaxed nod to lesbian, bi, and pan teen girls. It's not the focus of the video and feels even a little silly to talk about in depth, because it is such a quiet, nice, and realistic nod to representing real people via the common form of the sort of silly, completely genuine and pure, high school crush that most people have experienced at some point in their lives.

Tease for Selena's next music video/song?

At the end of the music video, Selena teases a small clip from what is presumably her next song and music video, "Fetish." In the clip, she stands in some kind of foggy morning forest and mouths the word at the camera, just as it cuts out. I'm intrigued! And so ready for her to drop whatever that is. Like, I'm looking at my watch.

Overall I felt this music video was very in the vein of when Taylor Swift's music videos were at their best. It's "You Belong With Me," but less corny, more genuine, more poking fun at its corniness while embracing it with a full heart. I love the direction Selena seems to be going with these more story based, aesthetic heavy music videos, and I think a great visual album would really service Selena's music career. Plus, "Bad Liar" is a catchy fuckin' song. What did you think of the video?

Check it out for yourself:


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