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Written by Tia

Commissary is for the ’gram. There is no denying that. Sure, it is a place with food, but if you’re looking for a delicious meal, you do not go to the greenhouse restaurant and bar on the second floor of the Line Hotel. You go there to take photos of the smoked salmon at the brunch bar, the cute floral teapot, and the mismatched cloth napkins. You take photos of your friends and the people sitting next to you, and you snap the plants above your head, and you flood your Instagram live story and feed with #foodie #sorryicanthelpmyself posts. Or at least that’s what I did. But at Commissary, it is expected—and unapologetic—and the photos are just too instagood #imashamedofthatjoke.

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Commissary is in Koreatown within the Line Hotel. You head inside and take the elevators upstairs (they’ll open up right where the public restrooms are) and then you turn right and head outside where the greenhouse is waiting, right next to a pool and a view of a cathedral next-door. It’s probably lovely at night as well, because there are string lights with big, round bulbs hung everywhere.

We made a reservation, which was free online, so there was no wait—but I’m not sure there would’ve been if we hadn’t. It was very packed and it seemed like people occasionally had to wait 15 minutes or so, but there was never a huge line. You can pay for parking at the hotel, or just circle the block one or two streets over, where you can find 2-hour weekday parking (free on weekends). I only had to circle once before I found free street parking about a block and a half away, so I was pretty happy about that!

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We opted to get tea—earl grey. You steep the tea on your own. The atmosphere perfectly suits a tea party, so we enjoyed it. We only sort of did this for the ’gram—because believe it or not, I also just genuinely wanted tea. And I saw the table next to us ordered tea and I got thrilled about the teapot. Can you blame me?

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The food is okay. Typical brunch food. I got the “Our Eggs,” over easy, with sausage (other option: bacon), and wheat toast. It was perfectly filling and I didn’t finish the toast (it was just two slices of bread, but I’m just a baby that gets full easily). The eggs were a bit undercooked, but I didn’t mind it. For the price (slightly on the high end), I think the food could’ve been better, but what they don’t have in flavor, they make up for in atmosphere. Plus, I salted/pepped my eggs to satisfaction, so it was fine.

I also got the Nepalese Sour to drink, which ended up being a bit too strong for a morning drink. But that was my bad!

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Check out Commissary if you like taking pics. Definitely not a place for foodies, but a great place for the wannabe instafamous (and... me...).

Commissary is at 3515 Wilshire Blvd, The Line Hotel, Los Angeles, CA 90010.

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  1. Hahaha love it - I've had a drink here but still have never eaten!