"Green Light" by Lorde 🚦 Song Review


Written by Tia

Okay, okay, I know. I'm late to the party. But, in preparation of Lorde's upcoming album, Melodrama, I thought I'd remind us all of how great a song "Green Light" is. It takes time, but it grows on you, and it's a song you should return to, even if you feel your first couple of listens were hardly memorable. And the sound of it should make you excited for the album to come.

So as you can probably tell, I'm thrilled Lorde is back on the scene. I loved her previous albums/EPs (Pure Heroine, Tennis Court) and I am so ready for more.

Her previous albums could be characterized as indie pop, a bit quiet and poetic and romantic, but detached, with odd melodies and patterns and powerful drum beats. They had a unique sound and a unique voice that really helped her take off at the time. Now, I feel there are more artists like Lorde that are reaching mid-level popularity—you know, the sort of "indie female singer" clichés that create nice pop songs but never fully establish an identity beyond their semi-successful singles—but Lorde rises above them with the strength of the image she's created, built from her own skill as a songwriter and performer.

The sound of "Green Light" is like a premonition to a more epic, more emotionally charged, more exhilarating ride to come. It's the song that people sprint to in spin class (don't shame me!), and it's the song you blast on your drive home (its lyrics do make it the PERFECT driving song).

The story of the song echoes what the album supposedly is all about—the end of a relationship. It captures the tragedy and the pained attachment perfectly in its lyrics, but makes the sadness of the breakup feel epic and powerful in an almost inspiring way with the swell of the instrumental.

The way most people heard about Lorde's breakup with longtime boyfriend James Lowe was through the release of this song, as the couple stayed largely private. It should be interesting to see where the album goes, given that it seems to draw its inspiration primarily from the dissolution of what I would characterize as Lorde's first big love. The album is bound to be impassioned, thoughtful, and deeply emotional. Melodramatic, even. And I think Lorde is the kind of person who will nail it.

To me, "Green Light" is a beautiful sign of Lorde's maturing sound. She's a girl coming into her own—a young singer (signed at 14, now 20) growing into her sound—and I feel so hopeful and so interested to see how her music evolution unfolds. This album is certain to be a critical step in her journey as a musician.

If you want to check out her other released song from Melodrama, "Liability," check it out here. For a refresher on "Green Light," see below. Melodrama will be released on June 16, 2017.

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