Guess Who 🤦‍♀️ Book Review


Written by Thelonia

Five strangers wake up in a room together. There's a body in the bathroom. One of them is the murderer, and now Morgan Sheppard has only three hours to figure out who it is, or they'll all die.

This one is rough because the first two thirds of this were absolutely thrilling. I could not put it down and just loved the way things were moving and the small hints we were getting sprinkled throughout. Unfortunately, the last third (you know, when we find out what happened) really fell flat for me. That's probably because I've been reading some amazing avant-garde mysteries lately that really push the envelope in terms of complexity, but it's also because the entire plot is appallingly obvious as soon as they actually tell you anything about the characters. It's less of an OhhH!!!!!  and more of a oh.

Maybe check out Guess Who if you really like mysteries or want a quick read, but definitely make sure you haven't read any amazingly written ones before hand because it's going to suffer in comparison.

Guess Who is currently available everywhere books are sold.

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