Wynonna Earp S3E5 🥧 TV Recap

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Written by Thelonia

Well, last we saw the gang they were in the cupcake thrall of Jolene, who definitely was up to something...something that centered around Waverly. And now, we get answers, truths come to light, and there's a great big bar fight right in the middle of it all!

Listen, I know we all love a good backed treat, but I was beginning to get concerned as to how every single person just kept eating whatever Jolene put in front of them (that's how you get poisoned, babes). But even if they don't exactly follow one of the most basic rules of Stranger Danger, the Earps (and Doc) still manage to pull out of the demon's control and, of course, save the day (and, you know, Waverly).

"Where's Mama Earp?" you may have been asking at the end of the last episode, since she was noticeably missing from the demon (?) cupcake party. Well wonder no more! This episode starts with Wynonna and Waverly tying her up in the barn, presumably since last Wynonna saw her Mama she was promising to kill Waverly, which would be bad.

Jolene's baked-goods-inspired-sorcery meanwhile, seems to be holding strong (and doesn't just include cupcakes, she's got a wide array of spell-related-foodstuffs). Jolene however, did not come to play and since her spells have managed to convince everyone she's a beloved part of the Earp team, that gives her plenty of cover to do underhanded things, like make Doc feel bad, and cut the tongue off that revenant guy from the last episode who managed to pop back up (don't ask).

Also, back with Team Earp (which has planned to exorcise/shoot the demon in the head), we learn that Waverly's Dad was named Julian, and based on the way Mama Earp talks about him, he may still be alive, which, once again, would be amazing.

Alice is gonna have a real fun time learning about her family tree when she grows up.

And though she's sort of just been wreaking havoc emotionally on people and feeding them, we being to get an idea of exactly what Jolene's plan is. She tells Nicole on her way over to the rest of the team that she can't harm Waverly personally, but since she is the demon that was haunting Mama Earp, we know that she does in fact want her dead.

Just gonna say, never a good sign when someone tries to beckon you into their pentagram all innocent like.
Unfortunately, because this demon's specialty is Gas-lighting, when Waverly fights back against Demon Jolene, Wynonna and their Mama yell at her a bunch, because it's her fault for punching their best-friend-ever Jolene. And also because while she can't actually hurt her, she can definitely make everyone around her turn on her. 

Jolene is good at what she does, okay? Speaking of which...

After they yell at Waverly for punching Jolene, the gang heads out to party at Shorty's without her (Shorty's by the way,seems to be doing good business if the crowd is anything to go by - although Jolene's crack cookies are also involved, so we'll need more info before concluding anything).

In terms of Revelations! that happen this episode, my money for the best one was Mama Earp realizing in short order that Doc & Wynonna had a thing going on and that he has one (1) secret wife. 

The look of a man with regrets.

She makes him drink an absolutely terrible drink that involves I think both whiskey and banana liqueur, which he should definitely have know would have been bad, and then slapping the hell out of him.

In his defense, he takes it remarkably well. Not to say that the following interactions between Doc/Wynonna/Kate and any combination of the three later in the scene are not tinged with uncomfortability in the least.

Not awkward at all.

And in a continuation of the "wow the Earp family really is wild, huh?" thing we've had going this season with the inclusion of Mama Earp (whose name is Michelle, but I know her only as Mama, because it's easier and objectively funnier when I can say things like "Mama Earp starts a bar fight, because why not, also because demon cookies), I love me a family who gets in giant bar brawls together. God bless this mess.

And I will also say it's pretty funny to me that it took a nice little stint in jail and some cookie detox for Wynonna and Mama Earp to realize that something is up, they don't actually have a long and storied past with Jolene, and that Waverly is definitely in danger.


Jolene's crazy eyes are out to play now, as she tries to seduce Nicole, slamming her in a closet when she doesn't play ball (and yes, they do make a joke about her being shoved back in the closet, they had to really), and then goes straight for Waverly. After building up Waverly's insecurities and feelings of not belonging and not being loved by turning everyone against her, Jolene hands her a knife and tries to get her to kill herself.

The plot related reason for this is that Waverly and Jolene where born at the same time, but Jolene didn't get anything Waverly got, which led to resentment and hatred. Now, she wants to take over her life.

In a broader sense though, what this episode does really effectively is frame the demon taking over everyone as the way depression and suicide affect you. That ideation distorts how you perceive everyone reacting to you, makes you feel unloved and worthless, and it became physically manifested in this demon, that was yelling at Waverly, as she sat with a knife in her hand, to kill herself.

Waverly doesn't even need her family to come racing to get her and tell her they love her (though they do do that), because she's able to break out of Jolene's influence all by herself. She knows she's loved and wanted, and not wrong, and Jolene is piiiiissed.

But it's all cool, cause here comes Wynonna to shoot her and send her to hell...except absolutely nothing happens, Peacemaker didn't work and just as it looks like Jolene's going to get away to return another day, she gets tree'd.

I think this was the fastest I went through a "oh well I guess she's not done yet as a charact-oh wait, oh okay..." cycle. Well, RIP Jolene, if we ever figure out what's happening with those trees you may come back?

Doc meanwhile, after going through an emotional roller-coaster in having your baby mama and current wife meet each other (after also getting both verbally and physically slapped by said baby mama's mama), has reached a decision re: Bulshar's ring, which he's managed to get his hands on.

We see him in the forest, clearly about to make some sort of declaration to Bulshar, which, after the episode we've just seen of nonstop people pissing on Waverly, made me very nervous, but it's actually all good (?) because he's yelling into the woods at Bulshar that he's got his ring (not sure he needed to know, but cool, trust your judgment) and he will never join him (sigh of relief).

We wrap the episode up with one last visit to Bobo (Doc spoke with him briefly earlier to discuss things and hand him some Banana Liqueur). Wynonna tells him he's never going to see Waverly, and he drops some fun info on her: Waverly's Dad wasn't a demon (as has been hinted at throughout the show), but rather, an Angel (wings and all).

Things to look out for (aka: I HAVE CONCERNS):
  • Robin & Jeremy are both MIA this week, which both gives me hope but also makes me...concerned
  • That ring just popped right back up so WHO WAS RIGHT NICOLE, also I don't feel like you're taking this seriously enough. I mean I realize weird things always happen in Purgatory but I feel like the evil ring popping back up is a sign.
  • So um...what was an Angel doing in Purgatory and also is he still around? That's gonna be a fun avenue for the family to go down
  • We've got secret wife revelations out the way, so now without demon influence, we'll be able to see how that plays out, should be good
  • Guess Bobo's back in the plot now, wonder if he'll be getting out that well anytime soon.

In conclusion: I very much crave cupcakes now, and am very much looking forward to next episode, which it seems will be the Christmas episode, where hopefully we have fun family hi-jinks and also hopefully get some character updates (please, I just want to know Jeremy (& Robin) is okay).

You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Wynonna Earp on Netlix and Season 3 is currently playing on SyFy.

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