Wynonna Earp S3E4 😨 TV Recap

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Written by Thelonia

I got my evil walking trees! I'm so happy.

Well, after doing a detour through "major character death" town, we're back on track for defeating Revenants and fighting Bulshar (and his walking! trees). Unfortunately, things are also falling a bit apart in Dolls' absence, namely: who orders the bullets now, guys?

First of all, I am thankful and blessed that I IMMEDIATELY get a  visual on the walking trees, something I've been wondering about since we got confirmation that things were definitely up with the trees. It turns out they're not really talking, and are acting more like the trees in The Brothers Grimm (shut up, I love that movie), but I'll take what I can get.

Unfortunately, though Wynonna and Doc corner the Revenant they're chasing in the first few minutes of the episode, they miss the walking tree part, and also can't put the Revenant down, since (whoops), Wynonna's out of ammo, which was something I did not even realize was a possibility (I guess I sort of thought Peacemaker just sort of ran on Magic?). So they just take him to-go and bring him back to the station, where I guess he'll just sort of hang out.

Further in my "WE'RE FINDING OUT MORE ABOUT THE CREEPY TREES" glee, we, and by 'we' I mean, Robin, find a bleeding tree out in the woods, and get nice good look at this man trapped in there like a horrifying dyad. Gonna say, seems like it sucks pretty bad, but I wonder if there's a way to de-tree this man.

After Nicole and Waverly have a field trip to the site of the Cult of Bulshar massacre that Nicole survived as a child (a fun family trip for all), where they run into Robin, who Waverly knew from school, Nicole just really tosses Bulshar's ring off into the woodsy distance, which could either be good (it's in the woods and no one knows exactly where) or bad (can the trees talk? Are they sentient? I'm worried the trees are gonna snitch), but we'll have to wait and see on that one.

In the meantime however, the gang tallies their supplies (low on everything), distributes old phones (thanks Waverly), and group hugs (because Waverly is over compensating for the stress of an impending visit to her mother with manic energy).

Mama Earp, still in jail, isn't just sitting tight and waiting for Waverly to visit. As the camera pans, we see her crawling (and muttering) "Never Get Out" on her cell's walls in blood. This complements nicely to the scene later on where she'll yell this at Waverly, throwing in an "I'll kill you!", which is exactly what you want to hear when you reunite with a parent after a few years.

On the Doc/Wynonna front, Doc is being much flirtier than usual, with an extra pep in his step from his last episode fireside rendez-vous with his wife, Kate (whom Wynonna still does not know about). Their flirtation however comes to an awkward standstill when Wynonna discovers a crib that Doc made for Baby Alice before Wynonna had made her choice to send her away (a choice she still carries a lot of guilt over).

Waverly, meanwhile, is attempting to set up Jeremy with Robin, who's come in to the office to seek help with the bleeding tree thing, a match which Jeremy is initially reluctant to pursue, but as the two talk (about bleeding trees and the like), they realize they have more in common than just their sexual preference, which is good, because Purgatory is apparently slim pickings dating-wise.

Jeremy and Robin (who, I realized while adding these pictures, are wearing complimentary colors) investigate the woods, finding not the tree man Robin had initally seen, but a mysterious foggy set of stairs, which they manage not to climb (good job, guys), instead calling Doc for backup.

Which doesn't go great, as Doc gets waylaid by the sound of a baby crying when he comes upon the woods, and cornered by Bulshar, who attempts to make a deal with him to gain his service, playing on Doc's fear of damnation. Before Doc can give a concrete answer however, he is transported back near the car outside of the woods, but given by his reluctance to confide in anyone else about what happened, I'd say that that's a pretty big red flag for what he's gonna do.

Speaking of red flags, when Wynonna hears about Mama Earp threatening Waverly, she storms down to the prison to tell her Mama that she should never do that again or face her, a gesture which unfortunately just ends in her Mama escaping (presumably to make good on her promise and kill Waverly), and Wynonna getting tossed in her cell due to her abating her Mother's escape. Of course, the guard who takes charge of her is a Revenant, leading to a fight scene which ends with Wynonna decapitating the guard with her handcuffs (a boss move if ever there was one). Wynonna then races home to save Waverly.

But she's too late, as Waverly goes out to the barn for whiskey when she encounters her Mama setting something up, something which doesn't seem like it's going to end well for Waverly, though her Mother does say that she doesn't want to kill Waverly, but the demon (who is, of course, standing just behind her in true horror fashion) does.

Pictured: My Hopes and Dreams for Jeremy's dating life getting dragged off into the woods.

And speaking of dramatic exits, there goes Robin, yanked off screen by a tree demon. Hopefully he comes back (and not as a tree person, I see you Monkey's Paw), but I'm not holding my breath, especially given how this episode ends.

Which would be with this demon named Jolene, who at least looks less evil than she did when she jump-scared Waverly, and who seems to be plying them all with baked goods. The episode ends with them in her grasp, so no idea what she wants exactly (she is still gonna kill Waverly, but not sure why or when or how), and what's up with the spell she seems to have everyone under.

So we're just leaving them there in the arms of a PTA mom demon with nefarious plans and Mama Earp and Robin nowhere to be seen. That's gonna be a hell of a lot of threads to be picked up next week.

Pictured: BAD NEWS.

Things to look out for (aka: I HAVE CONCERNS):
  • So, uh....what's up Jolene?! Wait, the next episode is totally the Jolene episode isn't it.
  • Please, I cannot lose Robin this early, he must be alright, right? Right. Right. Right?
  • Are we gonna get closure on tree-man or that one Revenant who's kind of just...hanging out in the station? Maybe we will, maybe not. They've got bigger problems at the moment anyways.
  • Also, was Nicole's yeet-ing of the ring into the woods a good idea or no? I gotta get some closure on that because people throwing important plot objects down holes/into trees/off cliffs always gives me anxiety. That could be found by a gopher who then becomes all powerful! You don't know it couldn't happen! 
We've gotten some new stakes for the next episodes with new characters in danger and familiar faces...also in danger (but on screen danger). Gotta tune in next week to see how many of these questions are gonna get resolved and just how the gang's gonna get outta this one. There is the unaccounted presence of Kate, who could just be a loose cannon enough to save the whole damn team, but first we gotta figure out if she would even want to.

You can watch Seasons 1 & 2 of Wynonna Earp on Netlix and Season 3 is currently playing on SyFy.

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