Our House 🖕 Book Review


Written by Thelonia

Fiona Lawson is returning home from a short vacation, and notices someone is moving into a house on her street. Or, is that her house? No, she'd know if someone had sold the house...wouldn't she?

Our House centers around this sale of this House, something which occurs outside of Fi's control, and as a result of her estranged (and disappeared) husband Bram's actions. The story is told in bits between a Podcast narrated by Fi about her perspective (with additional twitter comments), real-time flashes of the day Fiona found her house being moved into by Strangers, and Bram's confession. All these things twist and build upon each other, as none understands just quite what the other is up to, leading to circumstances that are almost Shakespearean in their tragicness.

I might be too much of a stickler for the rules like Fiona to really appreciate this novel as I think you're meant to, what with the split narration and all, because right off the bat I was against Bram, a trend which, if anything, only grew more pronounced as the novel went on.

Though it lags a bit in places, and if you're particularly anal about sticking to the rules you may find yourself yelling in rage anytime Bram takes center stage, Our House is a fun read that takes an often unappreciated and yet deeply disturbing crime and makes it the main focus of our story. With twists and turns and an ending that had me yelling, definitely check this one out if you're looking for a thriller (though maybe skip if you're in the process of selling/buying a house).

Our House is available everywhere books are sold.

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