The Banker's Wife 👥 Book Review


Written by Thelonia

Plane crashes and twisting French roads collide in this financial thriller that pits two women against a Swiss Bank due to circumstances outside of their control. A page-turner through and through, check out The Banker's Wife if you want a quick fun read for the summer!

Though the narration skips around to several characters, the main points of view are the characters of Marina Tourneau and Annabel Werner, who are tossed into an international scandal through others in their lives. Marina is a journalist who is dating the son of a remarkably Trump-ian figure (though significantly more competent than the man who is currently president) and who stumbles across a scandal that might develop into the biggest story of her career, and Annabel is the Banker's Wife: a home-wife and former art gallery owner whose husband just died in a plane crash in the Alps (or DID HE???). The two do not know about each other for most of the story though their respective plights are part of the same larger conspiracy, all of which involves a large bank. Kudos to Cristina Alger, she managed to write about hedge funds and financial scams in a way even a financial dummy like me could understand, even if one subplot had this gif playing on a loop as I was reading.

Honestly, though I guessed the ultimate ending almost as soon as the plot started, everything in the middle was a surprise and a delight, with a fun mystery plot that wasn't too obvious or opaque to be readable. Definitely felt like a fun travel book that'll make the time melt away while delivering some interesting female characters and an intriguing plot where you can never be sure where anyone's loyalties lie or who to trust.

The Banker's Wife is currently available everywhere books are sold.

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