Baby Teeth 👼 Book Review


Written by Thelonia

Hanna hates her Mommy and loves her Daddy. Suzette just wants her daughter to be normal. Alex thinks his wife is over-exaggerating. After all, his 'squirrely girl' would never do the things Suzette says she does...or would she?

Reading this book was like an extended panic attack.

Told in alternating chapters from the points of view of Hanna, a precocious seven year old who doesn't talk, and Suzette, her mother, Baby Teeth takes the pace of a roller coaster, building up slowly with small aggressive acts which build and build, Hanna attempting to kill her mother, her mother trying to 'win' against a seven year old and deal with gaslighting, all of which builds to several straight up murder attempts.

Not to give anything away, but there came a point where I thought every single chapter was the last one and was surprised when there was more after that (and almost hoped there wasn't because I knew it wouldn't be good).

Non-Spoiler summary is that sometimes you just have to throw the whole baby out.

Baby Teeth
is one of the most stressful reading experiences I've had in a long time and is just one of the most terrifying non-horror books I've ever read. Although I'd not thought much about it, there's just something about evil children (but believable real-life evil, not horror movie possessed evil children, which you are pretty much allowed to punt into an attic and leave there forever), digestive medical issues, and the combination of the two. Definitely check this out as long as you've got a strong stomach and aren't planning to/have just acquired a small child lest you lose all hope for that infant.

Baby Teeth is available everywhere books are sold.

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  1. Ms. Stage left me gasping and wanting more! A very quick read, thrilling to the end. Hoping for more books to come from this gifted writer.