Undead Girl Gang 🧟‍♀️ Book Review


Written by Thelonia

When her best friend Riley is found dead in a brook, Mila Flores is heartbroken, but doesn't accept the official story that Riley killed herself. Suspecting something more nefarious, Mila turns to a mysterious grimoire that Riley ordered before her death, and the resurrection spell she finds within. But when she casts the spell in the graveyard at midnight, more than just Riley come back...and now she has three resurrected teenage girls to deal with, and only one week to catch their killer before they go back to being dead.

Undead Girl Gang sets itself up as a mystery, but it's only one in theory. Really, there's not enough suspects to be a true mystery (outside of the 'girl gang' there's only about 3 characters that are even remotely suspect, and one of them is a very obvious red herring), so if you go into it expecting that you might be disappointing. However, if you go in for magical hijinks and uncomfortable teenage girl group dynamics (exacerbated by 3/4ths of the girls being, you know, dead), then you'll probably enjoy the book.

Personally, I would have preferred more mystery as to who done it (there is a line very early on that flew up massive red flags for the person who winds up being the killer, so there was very little surprise on that front), but for what it is, it's pretty fun. The four girls at the heart of the story were all (mostly) pretty interesting, and our main character, Mila, is complex in the way that she's our main character and we root for her, but she can also be kind of a judgmental asshole. Still, it works, because hey, teens.

Undead Girl Gang isn't one of the most innovative books of all time, but it is a lot of fun, and if you ever were that kid in middle school who got real into paganism, then you'll probably get a real kick out of it, if only to reflect on what a dumbass you were, and how things would go absolutely batshit if your teenage spells actually did anything.

Undead Girl Gang is available everywhere books are sold.

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