Out of the Blue 😇 Book Review


Written by Thelonia

Angels (well, Beings) have been falling from the sky, plummeting to gruesome deaths due to their broken or torn wings on a near daily basis. The world has stopped, waiting for the next fall, and trying to make sense of what this means - is this proof of heaven? Why are the Beings falling? Are they actually the dead, falling from their afterlife, or are they alien creatures? Out of the Blue raises a lot of these questions, and answers few. But the journey is pretty fun, so even though you may never find out, you'll have fun on the way.

Jaya lives in Edinburgh with her Father and sister, Rani. Her (sort of) girlfriend, Leah, broke up with her and disappeared after the Beings started falling, her sister's a pain, her father's obsessed with the Beings, none of them are coping well with her Mother's death, and now, she's found a Being, the only one who's survived the fall. She doesn't want to hand her over to the government, or the public, so she stashes the Being in an empty apartment while she tries to think of something to do. Enlisting the help of a Beings-rights advocate, Allie and her brother Calum, Jaya tries to keep the Being, which they name Teacake, safe, and get her healed and ready to go back to where she came from.

Though the buildup was a bit slow, I got really into it in the second act of the book. Unfortunately, just as I had really gotten into it, the tension completely stopped dead in its tracks. The last part, which should have a third act 'moment' is instead all quiet emotional resolution, which wraps everything up without problems and very quickly. That said, I enjoyed everything up until that point a lot, and it was a very interesting world; I could see this being a really good movie (or at least a fun one, à la Aquamarine).

Apart from a disappointing ending, Out of the Blue makes for a fun read with engaging world building and good representation. just don't get your hopes up for a resolution on what is actually happening with the Beings, or whether there is an afterlife, or anything else. Not getting those answers doesn't necessarily hurt the book, but the lackluster action in the third act (or lack thereof) does. I could see this being expanded in the future in a series, but as of now, go into this one with some reservations as to what you'll learn and prepared for a very quick ending, but have fun with the journey, and you'll enjoy Out of the Blue for what it is.

Out of the Blue is available everywhere books are sold.

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