Sometimes I Lie 🙊 Book Review

Written by Thelonia

There are three things you should know: 
1. I'm in a coma.
2. My husband doesn't love me any more.
3. Sometimes I lie.

These are the things which you know at the beginning of Alice Feeney's debut novel, Sometimes I Lie.

Amber is in a coma after an accident she doesn't remember. As she recovers in hospital, we flash between "Now," "Then," "Later" and "Before" as we (along with Amber) try to put together what happened and who we can trust.

The timeline jumps all over between the different times referenced as well as the "Before" Sections which are childhood diaries all of which slowly form a picture of the past. A picture which just becomes more and more worrisome as details come to light.

Even knowing there's a twist coming, there's just so much happening at any given time that it's basically impossible to actually know at any given time before the last few pages. I had a running tally of guesses going and only a few of them turned out to be accurate (although I did figure it out halfway through, though that's probably the law of averages more than anything else).

If you like suspense novels that keep you guessing the whole way through, definitely check out Sometimes I Lie by Alice Feeney, if only because I need to compare notes with someone so I can make sure I actually caught all of the goings on.

Sometimes I Lie is out now.

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