All in Good Storytime 📚 Episode 41

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In the 41st episode of All in Good Storytime, we finish reading Slaughterhouse-Five by Kurt Vonnegut. In chapters 7-10, we finally live through the plane crash in which Billy is the sole survivor, see Valencia die of carbon monoxide poisoning, meet Kilgore Trout, return to Tralfamadore with Montana, and are given a solid explanation for all the time traveling and aliens.

We contrast the parallel scenes between Billy and Valencia and then Billy and Montana where he is pressed to discuss his time at war. We view this as another aspect of wishful thinking present in his time on Tralfamadore where he is able to be emotionally vulnerable. We discuss how horrifyingly disgusting it is that the captured American soldiers were sharing spoons in their quest to steal syrup from the Nazis. We question whether Kilgore Trout is really just Kurt Vonnegut making cameos in all of his novels in the style of Stan Lee. Finally, we unpack the notion that the aliens and time traveling were all a result of Billy's fractured psyche following the final insult of the optometrist plane crash.

In two weeks, we will be watching the first five episodes and episode eight (the order in which the episodes were intended) of Revolutionary Girl Utena.

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