All of This Is True 🙊 Book Review

Written by Thelonia

A mix of Misery and Pretty Little Liars, All of This Is True, Lygia Day Peñaflor's new novel is about a group of teens who befriend their favorite author. But when the author's new book, based on the teens, reveals too much and puts them in danger, everything changes. Told in a compilation of interviews, book excerpts, emails, and articles, All of This Is True is a page-turner where no one is to be trusted and no one is blameless.

The structure of compiled documents makes for a very captivating read, as the reader attempts to piece together what happened and how we got to the present state of things (represented in the interview segments). Through these interviews, as well as excerpts of the author's final book (which parallels the teens' story) and articles that include texts and emails during the events prior to the books, we piece together what happened within the group that broke them and changed everything.

One of the complaints I've seen about the book is that some of the characters are a bit thin, though I think that can be mostly blamed on the fact that they're teens who are very aware of the way they present themselves. Through the backstory and the way they talk about Fatima, the author, and each other, you can see enough personality to keep you invested. And when you combine these characters with some really good writing and a captivating mystery, the book becomes one of those "can't-put-down" reads.

Check out All of This Is True for a fun fast read that delivers surprises and leaves you conflicted as to who's right, who's wrong, whether or not we can ever truly leave the past behind, and whether good intentions permit bad endings.

All of This Is True is now available anywhere books are sold.

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