"Sky Full of Song" by Florence + The Machine 🙌 Single Review

Written by Thelonia

Good news everyone, I'm dead. I have died and ascended and am writing this review from the great beyond. It's pretty sick here; we even have new Florence + The Machine material! And so, I have been scalped in the afterlife.

"Sky Full of Song" is the first song released on Florence + The Machine's new upcoming album, High as Hope and Good Lord, I might combust when the whole thing comes out. It's the group's new music since 2016's "Wish That You Were Here" and as such had pretty high expectations on it, expectations which Florence and her voice easily met.

Almost like a companion to one of her earliest (and simplest) songs "Falling," "Sky Full of Song" uses the metaphor of flying and falling in regards to Florence's feelings when she performs, feeling as though she's soaring outside of her body. But she worries about losing herself in the Sky (which, we've establish, is Full of Song).

If this song is anything to go by, Florence will continue her move away from the orchestral bombast that her second album (and also my favorite) Ceremonials was built around, but return a bit more to the sonically simpler production that Lungs and the softer songs on How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful made such excellent and heartbreaking use of. And I, for one, welcome this new era of Florence and foresee that there's going to be a lot of crying in my future.

"Sky Full of Song" is available everywhere music is sold.

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