Bobbie Clearly 🌽 Theatre Review

Written by Thelonia

Bobby killed Casey in a cornfield in Milton, Nebraska ten years ago. Now he's being released, and no one in Milton knows how to feel about - or why he did it in the first place.

Told in a faux-documentary style through confessional interviews, the Black Box Theater's new play looks at a murder case years after the fact - both before and after the murderer, Bobbie, gets released and moves back to town. No one knows why he killed Casey to begin with, and unanswered questions and unresolved feelings lead to violent confrontations as tensions come to a head on the night of the Talent Show arranged in Casey's honor.

The cast is all really strong, with our main narrator being the cop (played by Orange is the New Black's "Yoga Jones," Constance Shulman), but with excellent performances in the supporting roles as well (including an actress from another Roundabout play, Crystal Finn from Kindgom Come).

The audience, sitting in 5 sections around the main stage area, had an absolute blast at the performance I was at. I'm almost pretty sure that there were friends of some of the actors in the audience because there was a couple of sections that would just absolutely lose it anytime any specific actors came on stage and did literally anything. Between that and the actors walking all around the room, sometimes passing behind and between audience members, the ambiance of the whole play was very vibrant and everyone was wholly engaged. The woman sitting at the end of my row kept stretching by putting her leg over her head during the two intermissions so I was wholly convinced she was going to turn out to be a plant, but I think she was just a very flexible audience member who liked stretching.

If you like small town dramas or are really into true crime documentaries, I highly recommend Bobbie Clearly, though don't get your hopes up - some mysteries are just always going to remain mysteries, and all we can do sometimes is make peace with where we are now.

Bobbie Clearly is playing at the Black Box Theater through May 6th, 2018.

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