All in Good Storytime 📚 Episode 36

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In the 36th episode of All in Good Storytime, we watch the fifth episode of Big Little Lies on HBO. In this episode, Madeline and the play director get in a car accident, Jane has a confrontation with her possible rapist, Amabella's bully has progressed to biting her, and Celeste continues seeing her couple's counselor alone.

We begin by discussing Madeline's affair and how her storyline, while more ordinary than the others, is still heartbreaking in its simplicity. We focus on the increasingly unsettling looks from Ed and share our hope that this will be explained before the end of the season. We examine Jane's visit to her potential rapist to determine whether she had realized he was her assailant. We begin to question whether Renata is more likely to be the victim or the murderer in this tale. We also discuss how well the cycle of abuse is portrayed in Celeste and Perry's relationship. When Perry shows remorse it is easy to genuinely hope that he can get better, but the show makes it clear that this is not an option. We end with updated predictions regarding the murderer and their victim, including the theory that this is a cathartic group murder carried out against an innocent bystander.

Next week we will be watching episode 6 of Big Little Lies on HBO.

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