🤷‍♀️ Who's that Riverdale character like? 🤷‍♂️

Written by Tia

"Who does that Riverdale character remind you of?" It's the question I can't stop asking. If you're anything like me, you've very quickly gotten obsessed with the new CW show Riverdale, and can't help but compare it to other (trashy, whoops) teen favorites like Pretty Little Liars and Teen Wolf.

Don't get me wrong—I love these shows deeply. But I do so with awareness of their use of cliches and cheesy, impossible-to-believe moments. Honestly, the best part of these shows is often their flair for the dramatic and indulgence in cheese! It's what makes them truly fun to watch.

With this show especially, now that I've really dedicated good time to watching similar teen shows across the spectrum of Gossip Girl to Shadowhunters, I can't help but compare Riverdale characters to characters from other shows. Of course, that is not to say that any of these characters are copies of each other in any way, but rather that these characters draw on similar tropes, and thus are undeniably comparable in some way.

However, I will admit that I have a tendency to think people have more similarities than they do differences (which, it turns out, is very divisive when it comes to saying actors look or seem like each other). But if you're relaxed enough to say that you think Nina Dobrev and Victoria Justice have more similarities than differences, then you'll be game for this post.

Anyway, here are some of the biggest comparisons I can't help but make:

Archie Andrews as Troy Bolton (Zac Efron, High School Musical)

He's an athlete that pines for a more musical life—and what more iconic athlete-musician is there for the 90s kid than Troy Bolton of High School Musical fame? Okay, there are some clear differences—Troy doesn't play the guitar, and he's a basketball man, rather than a football player—but they're both handsome popular kids who are conflicted in their love of two things that everyone treats as opposites although there's nothing mutually exclusive about them. Practically twins!

Betty Cooper as Quinn Fabray (Dianna Agron, Glee)

This one is strictly appearance. Or maybe not strictly, since they are both cheerleaders as well, but their similarities definitely lie most in their perfect blonde ponytails and often 50s-inspired style of dress. Maybe I have blonde face blindness (likely), but I also think they have very similar faces, most likely due to their similar styles of simple, pretty, and natural makeup. I don't know—if you have a better comparison I'd love to know, especially since Quinn spends a good chunk of Glee being evil, and Betty seems pure above all else.

Veronica Lodge as Blair Waldorf (Leighton Meester, Gossip Girl) and Phoebe Tonkin's love child

I can't help seeing Veronica as a combination of Blair's style of dress, with a touch of rich girl spirit, and Phoebe Tonkin's brows—but softer in the face than Phoebe, like a younger half-sister or cousin. Am I crazy? As I write these paragraphs I'm consumed by the sense that I might just be crazy. But maybe some of you see it too? Let me know in the comments if I'm crazy or if you're with me on these. The one I feel most strongly about is coming up next.

Cheryl Blossom as Lydia Martin (Holland Roden, Teen Wolf)

Yes, obviously, they are both long-haired gingers. But look at their expressions! Their mouths! Their face shapes may be slightly different, but there's an energy about them both—a snippy confidence—that ties them as sisters and, at the very least, similar characters. They're popular, a little snooty, and undeniably smart. And they style their long curls very similarly. This comparison is what inspired this list, and it's the one I stand by most strongly. These girls would totally vibe.

Jughead Jones as Dylan Sprouse

It's weird how much they look alike.

Kevin Keller as Ryan Devlin (Host of Are You The One?)

If you watch the MTV reality show Are You The One?, you know about the sensible and admirable host, Ryan Devlin. The second I saw Kevin, I couldn't stop thinking how much they look alike. Of course, when I went looking for side by side pictures of them, I stumbled a bit in my certainty that they are birds of a similar feather, but perhaps it has to do with their mannerisms and voice as well. If you watch Are You The One? and Riverdale also, I'm curious to know if you'd agree.

Geraldine Grundy as Krista Allen (Growing Up Supermodel)

This is another one that really stuck in my head. Maybe it's just because Krista Allen is also super pretty like Geraldine, and also often wears the same glasses, but I can't shake the feeling that they look similar and sort of hold themselves in very similar ways. If you watch Growing Up Supermodel, you'll see what I mean. If you don't, you'll probably just think I'm wrong, which... wouldn't be unfair.

Hermione Lodge as Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife)

Alright, even I admit this is a bit of a stretch. But when I saw their similar couch poses, I couldn't resist the comparison. Plus I love Hermione Lodge and desperately wanted to sneak her onto this list. Sue me! (But also please don't.)

And let's not forget...

Obviously there are some cast members I've left out here. I've left Josie and the Pussycats with no comparison—at least no very close one—because they're different than a lot of characters I've seen on TV (in a good way!).

You could argue they have the vibe of the Unholy Trinity in Glee, but these girls are nice—just  hardworking and determined in their craft. You could possibly argue that Josie is reminiscent of Sharpay (Ashley Tisdale, High School Musical) or Rachel Berry (Lea Michele, Glee), but she is more complex, self-aware, and nuanced than I think either of those characters are. So I leave these girls out of the list, not because they don't deserve attention, but because I think they are unique, new sorts of characters that exist without current, close-enough TV comparisons. Or maybe I'm just uncreative. Let me know if you can think of any for them!

You can watch the first season of Riverdale on the CW or Netflix.