Nemesis by Bridgit Mendler 😙 EP Review


Written by Tia

Bridgit Mendler is known to many of my generation as one of the girls from Lemonade Mouth, but for me, it was Nemesis that really caught my attention. I stumbled upon the song "Atlantis" while perusing suggested YouTube videos, and I recognized her face enough to give me pause.

Although the music video was weird (I've linked it below and I'll go into that more later) and the rapping wasn't particularly notable (sorry, Kaiydo, I just feel this wasn't your best work), there was something about the song that intrigued me. Maybe it was its sound—which reminded me of audio played in reverse—or its message—a story of sleepy heartbreak—but something about it compelled me to keep listening to her other new releases. And I'm so glad I did.

Atlantis ✨ The Dreamy One

The music video for Atlantis is a little... nonconsensual. It vibes nonconsensual. It clearly was not the intention, but I think the result is undeniable. In the video, Bridgit's ex-boyfriend is asleep. She breaks into his house with his friends, props him up with her friends and pretends they are still together, just doing innocent things like hanging out. Symbolically, she's stated it's meant to be about wanting a relationship back but knowing it cannot be (presumably because the other person is no longer a willing participant in it) and having to let go, but struggling with it. All that's fine and good, but remember kids: Don't break into your ex's house and move their unconscious body around like they're a doll. That's creepy!

The song itself is wonderful and different. Electronic, with deep sea vibes, as its title invokes. Mendler's vocals are haunting and pleasant, hopeful and sad. It's an awesome song. And her outfits kill it in this video—same with her friends'. It's a beautifully shot video, set to a beautifully produced and sung song, and is worth viewing if you can get past the weird nonconsensual-ish portrayal of the story!

"Library" 🤷‍♀️ The Forgettable One 

I really can't remember this song much at all, while writing this. But don't worry—I'll get a refresher and come back to this. (OK... Refreshed... I like this song more than I'd remembered. Oops?)

The lyrics kind of confused me for a while, thinking back on this my first few listens of this song. It's about someone she remembers from high school? Who she's now interested in? And she invites him to go hang out at the library? They sort of reconnect in a way they never connected in before, and develop some sort of deep or maybe just sexual bond in their time crossing paths. I found it sort of odd and not relatable, but the chorus is pretty fun, and it's a sort of weird, uniquely poppy sounding song—kind of like "Snap My Fingers" (see below). It definitely grew on me over time and I came to appreciate it, but I think it wouldn't be the first thing on this EP that I'd recommend.

"Do You Miss Me At All" 🔥 The Impassioned One 

My second favorite song on the EP, for sure, (after "Atlantis") is "Do You Miss Me At All." The video tries to do something fun and different (it's a square—how Instagram, right?) and creates a feeling of being trapped, but wanting to get out, by filming through doors and windows—which works well with the lyrics. You can probably guess, but the song is about wondering if an ex still thinks of you after a breakup. The vocals are passionate and raw, loud and heartbroken, but in a surprisingly upbeat and fun way. So—it's great for the breakup you're almost done crying about, but definitely not done being mad about. Worth a listen for sure, and the video is worth the time it takes to watch. Mendler brings it.

"Snap My Fingers" 🌝 The Quirky One 

I'm not very fond of "Snap My Fingers," but I won't deny that it's interesting. It has a fast, popping, poppy quality that you don't hear a lot in other pop music (I'd also like to apologize for this sentence wowow). Maybe that's for a reason. It feels like a musical risk for Mendler, and while it's fun, it can get a bit grating in its staccato after more than a few listens. If you can have fun with the song, singing and bopping along, it can be pretty refreshing. But play it when you're not in a dancey mood, and it'll be impossible to feel like it's anything other than a little annoying.

To wrap up...

Mendler's EP feels like a warning shot. She's got something in her—some kind of musical uniqueness or potential for uniqueness, trying to sort itself out—but this album doesn't quite hit the mark. Don't get me wrong, though—I've heard the bang and I've seen the bullet whizzing by. Mendler is on my radar now. 

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