All in Good Storytime 📚 Episode 3

All in Good Storytime is an interactive, bookish, book club podcast hosted by Alanna, Katya, and Tia. To join the club, make sure you're following us on Twitter to get updates on what book we're reading and to what chapter we are reading to, and listen to the podcast here or on iTunes (coming soon!) to join in on the discussion. Read along!

In the third episode of All in Good Storytime, we discuss the ending of Margaret Atwood's The Handmaid's Tale. We cover the sex club called "Jezebels," witness a particicution, and see forward to the year 2195. We discuss the importance of love as an escape from loneliness or as an act of rebellion, delve into the concept of women controlling women, and analyze the structure of the final "historical notes." We end by tallying up how many times Offred discusses eggs.

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