All in Good Storytime 📚 Episode 1

All in Good Storytime is an interactive, bookish, book club podcast hosted by Alanna, Katya, and Tia. To join the club, make sure you're following us on Twitter to get updates on what book we're reading and to what chapter we are reading to, and listen to the podcast here or on iTunes (coming soon!) to join in on the discussion. Read along!

We are excited to present All in Good Storytime's premiere podcast! Here we discuss the work of speculative fiction, The Handmaid's Tale, by Margaret Atwood. In this first podcast we cover the first 16 chapters of the book and make a few noteworthy comparisons to the show, currently airing on Hulu. We discuss subtle power plays, quiet acts of resistance, and the state of the Republic of Gilead in relation to the rest of the world in this dystopian future. Content Warnings: Mention of rape, genital mutilation.

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