No Improvement Podcast 👯 Episode 9

No Improvement is a sort-of-funny talk show that explores the vast, untapped potential of TV shows, books, films, and more. Quill & Slate blog runners Thelonia and Tia review—and then reimagine—the stories you know and love until you can barely recognize them anymore. Hopefully in a good way. And if not, well, we hope you are still entertained.

In the ninth episode of No Improvement, we take a look at the first episode of American Gods and talk about what we liked, what we didn't like, how we would improve it, and where we hope the story will go.

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  1. "Shadow" is a pretty anime/sonic the hedgehog name. Thinking about it now, the whole plot is pretty anime.

    1. I feel like there have been several "Gods living in modern times" anime come to think of it...
      Get original ideas Neil Gaiman, gosh.