Casetify's Tropical Leaves iPhone 7 Case 🍃 Product Review

Written by Tia

I knew when I got my new iPhone 7 (courtesy of Target's Black Friday sale and my ever-patient boy, who drove me there and waited hours with me in line, g'bless) that I wanted to get a nice case—and I don't mean durable, because I sure don't care much about that. I've never cracked a screen or damaged my electronic babies thanks to a combination of very good luck and very extreme paranoia.

But after years of having the cheapest rubber case on every phone I owned, I wanted a pretty case. No, I demanded a pretty case. So I went to the stylish, but pricey, Casetify website for inspiration, hoping my fervent desire would be rewarded.

I've had my case for three months now and it has proven, time and time again, to be the coolest. As I mentioned before, I don't drop my phone a lot—almost never—but from what occasions it has tumbled to the concrete, I've found no problems. No screen cracks, and no damage. There is a raised edge along the front of the case that prevents your phones screen from every touching anything but your sweet embrace (and water, probably, but... anyway), so when I dropped it, the screen never kissed the ground. As cute as it looks, it is a case—so, safety first.

The case also fits perfectly and doesn't hinder my ability to use the phone—but, most importantly, it looks fly as hell. Yeah. It looks rad. The design on the back I knew I wanted to be transparent in part so that the gold of my case could shine through and make me look much fancier than I actually am, and the case I have does just that. The leaves imprinted on it are raised—like a sticker—and I worried for a bit that the design might be easily scratched off or damaged. But no! It's been doing fantastically these past 3 months and hasn't budged at all. I've taken my phone in the shower, rubbed my gross oily hands all over it, and done just about everything but use sandpaper on it. And it's held up.

They have a lot of cases along the line of the leaves theme—check out some of the others here.

And the compliments! God! You'd think I'd just saved a baby from a burning building. Other people like the case and aren't afraid to tell me, and the validation has just fueled my ego to no end and further fueled my passion in this review. Casetify makes awesome, high quality cases and I have no complaints.

The one real drawback of Casetify, for me at least, is probably the price. At $40, you gotta be sure you want that case. Since it's no Otterbox, you can't be throwing your phone around, so what you're paying for is straight-up style. Do you prioritize aesthetic above all else? Then it's a no-brainer. Otherwise, a bit of a minor brainer. Fortunately, there are lots of deals floating around for first-time customers and codes that will get you and a friend a discount. I'd list some here, but they're constantly changing, and I'd recommend you do your own research there. The most you can get off is probably a few dollars so don't get your hopes up too much for a cheap Casetify case.

That all said, I'm incredibly happy with my purchase and am thrilled to stick with this case until the iPhone 9 comes out and, like a complete cult follower, I make an unnecessary, financially draining switch.


And now an addendum to the review from actual real-life gremlin person Thelonia

I got the iPhone 6s New Standard Case with two custom designs (off of random drawings I had lying around), one as a backplate to switch out with the main frame.'

I like the printing of the images they did, and it does do a fine job of keeping my phone unbroken, but it doesn’t fit right over the volume buttons (something that seems to be an issue with the 6s phones in particular?). This means the case doesn't tuck in neatly all the way around the backplate, leading to some slight aesthetic blegh.

Where buttons are vs. where case's buttons wind up.
Another quibble I had was that the rubber band around the phone (I went with ‘clear) yellowed very quickly. Probably wouldn’t have happened if I chose opaque BUT IF I’M GOING FOR AESTHETIC I’M GOING ALL THE WAY. It's fixable if you clean it every once and again, but as established, I am a trash goblin.

Personally, I’m not so much dedicated to the aesthetic as I am having a case that 1. Stops my phone from dying all the time and 2. Cheap as hell. As such, I think I’ll get my phone cases from amazon like the rest of the plebes.

You can purchase Tia's case and others at for $40 (before shipping). Thelonia hasn't figured out how to change the privacy settings so no one can even see hers, but they exist somehwere on the Casetify database. Below are all the devices they make products for, as of today, including Apple Watch bands, iPad folio and covers, MacBook sleeves, and Samsung Galaxy cases:

NOTE/UPDATE: Tia's phone case broke in an odd way on 5/3/18 (over a year since purchase on 3/18/17) but she was able to snap it back into place. That said... shelf-life noted. Furthermore, the clear portions have yellowed significantly over time/dirt accumulation. A good case for the past year, but definitely not one to last over a year without it getting a little grimy.


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