The Gabbie Show 😂 YouTube Review


Written by Tia

Everyone has that friend who always gets into crazy situations and tells stories in the most upbeat, excitable fashion. They're all drama, and they're there to entertain, and they'll keep amping up the theatrics until they can get you to crack a smile. They aspire to tell the best, craziest story, and make you so glad you've never been a situation like theirs. Or maybe you don't have a friend like that. And if you don't—you have Gabbie.

Gabbie Hanna of The Gabbie Show on YouTube and (the now dead or dying) Vine is the crazy, fun friend that'll light up your day even when you're feeling defeated, bored, and boring. She embraces the dramatic, emotional, exciting moments of life that most people know to stay away from, and she knows just how to inject her stories with a little too much melodrama, so you feel both in on her hyperbolic jokes, but also amused and startled by them. Her content ranges from stories of dating disasters, to the craziest Uber drivers she's encountered. And it seems she has no lack of wild tales to share.

I will admit, her videos are not for everyone. People averse to drama or big, attention-hogging personalities will find her to be a complete turn off. But for those of us who are starting to feel our lives drag, or everyday stories start to sound repetitive and dull, she is just the injection of positive excitement that we need. Gabbie has a personality that fills the room, like she's jumping right out of our screens and grabbing us by the collar and screaming and hugging us with a puppy's untethered exuberance.

Gabbie is the kind of online personality or, rather, person, who can make us feel important. When she tells her stories, she's not only telling us something about herself, she's engaging with us. There's something very personalized and frank about her content and presentation, and it translates well from camera to edit to screen, and when we watch her videos, we understand her as a person—she's fun loving, caring, determined to entertain, and not afraid to make fun of herself. She's our friend who is so positive and fun, that she can't help but to drag us out of even the lowest slump.

So if you're in need of an exciting new friend who embraces crazy and turns even the worst of situations into something productive and light, then maybe first try making a friend in real life. But if all else fails—check out The Gabbie Show.

For more, see the video below and watch more of her videos on her YouTube channel, here.

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